buy Toddler Squirrel Slippers

Toddler Squirrel Slippers

No more cold feet for your child thanks to these Toddler Squirrel Slippers.

These slippers are really nice and just looking at the picture gives you the feeling of warm feet.

On the front of the slippers you can see a squirrel and it is holding an acorn because they love to eat those.

I am sure that your little one is going to love these slippers as they look amazing and as they are slip on slippers it is easy for your child to put them on themselves.

Cute slippers like these will be loved by the parents so now just fingers crossed that the child will wear them.

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buy Squirrel Christmas Ornament

Squirrel Christmas Ornament

Squirrels are often found in trees and now you can have a squirrel Christmas ornament that makes sure you have a squirrel in your Christmas tree.

This tree ornament is made from blown glass and is gold in color and it looks like  a true squirrel and it is holding a treat.

The ornament will look amazing when you hang it you tree. The gold color will look stunning in your tree and it will reflect the light of your tree lights in the glass making it looks really special.

And this handcrafted ornament come in a nice gift box so that you can surprise your friends with a unique Christmas tree ornament.

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buy Squirrel Serving Bowl

Squirrel Serving Bowl

If you like a fun snack bowl for on your table then you should check out this squirrel serving bowl.

The serving bowl is white ceramic and has a diameter of 6.3 inches and in the middle of the bowl, you find a squirrel in a pose that it looks like it is eating and the bowl including the squirrel is 4.7 inches tall.

A squirrel bowl like this is perfect for serving snacks and it would look amazing with nuts in it because then it looks like the squirrel collected them for you.

A serving bowl like this is great to have for those special occasions like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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buy Latex Squirrel Mask

Latex Squirrel Mask

If you always wanted to look like a squirrel then this latex squirrel mask is a great way to start.

Just put the mask over your head and you will look a lot more like a squirrel. It does help if you have a big fluffy tail and can climb trees quickly because that is what squirrels can do too.

Now for Halloween or just to scare the squirrels in the garden, you can wear this mask and make it look cool with some other fun outfit details.

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buy Squirrel Tissue Cover

Squirrel Tissue Cover

Tissue boxes are boring and that is why you need this squirrel tissue cover.

It looks like a piece of wood with a squirrel on top, inside the log you put your tissues and the squirrel on top will try to keep it all for itself but from there you find the right amount of tissue paper for your needs.

Besides tissue, you can even put toilet paper in it and use it next to the toilet to replace a boring toilet roll holder.

A tissue cover like this is great for a cabin in the woods or any home that just want fun things and this squirrel is fun.

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buy Metal Squirrel Cookie Cutter

Metal Squirrel Cookie Cutter

If you like animal shaped cookies then you need this squirrel cookie cutter as it is made to make you cool shaped cookies.

The cookie cutter is shaped like a typical squirrel with its tail in the air and it is made from thin metal making it strong and ready to last for generations.

So now you can keep baking those animal cookies that are shaped like adorable squirrels.

The 3.5-inch cookie cutter is easy to use a is not dishwasher safe so wash and dry by hand and it will be ready for use again.

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buy Squirrel Wall Clock

Squirrel Wall Clock

Now there is a squirrel wall clock that is looking for a space to hang.

If you like squirrels and clocks then this could be perfect for you.

On the face of the clock, you can see a squirrel with its tail up and eating. The clock will look great in a home or an office and when you look at the time this wall clock will make you smile thanks to the little critter on the clock.

So now getting the right time is no longer a problem because this clock will show the time whenever you need it.

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buy Squirrels Christmas Mug

Squirrels Christmas Mug

This Christmas you can drink tea, coffee, or anything else out of a fun squirrels Christmas mug.

The white ceramic mug shows 3 squirrels and they wear Santa hats and play around with some red and white Christmas ornaments.

A mug like this may not be perfect for summer but the winter holidays are just fun when you start using this squirrel mug.

The squirrel mug is available in sizes 11 or 15 oz and is dishwasher and microwave safe.

After Christmas just pack it away with the Christmas decorations so that next time you dress up your home them mug is ready too.

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buy Squirrel Tea Infuser

Squirrel Tea Infuser

Now there is a squirrel tea infuser and its great looking and perfect for making tea.

The squirrel is cute and looks just like a normal squirrel with its tail up but when it’s tea time then you put your tea in its tail and turn it down and place it on the edge of you tea mug and in not time at all this little squirrel is done brewing you a nice cup of tea.

The brown squirrel is made from food safe soft silicone rubber.

No more boring tea ball infusers for you because on your cup there you will find a squirrel that makes your tea while looking real funny.

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buy Sterling Silver Squirrel Earrings

Sterling Silver Squirrel Earrings

If you like squirrels and want some fun earrings then you came to the right place as we have some fun squirrel earrings.

This women’s jewelry is made from 925 sterling silver and comes in a velvet pouch and that makes it perfect for a fun present.

The squirrel earrings are dangle earrings so that the little critters can move around while you move your head and the squirrels just look adorable with their big tales and the posture like they would be eating some food.

So if you want earrings and like squirrels then you can stop looking as there silver squirrels would love to be hanging on your ears.

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