buy Rhino Cookie Cutter

Rhino Cookie Cutter

Now cookies can look fun all thanks to this Rhino Cookie Cutter.

If you like the big rhinoceros and cookies then this is what you need because this metal cookie cutter makes fun rhino shaped cookies.

The cookie cutter is 4.75 inches and made from tin plated steel that is food safe and will last for a long time.

Sure we all know those little animal crackers and they are fun but if you like bigger animal cookies then you can bake them yourself and shape them like a rhinoceros.

Besides cookies, you could use this cookie cutter to shape different things like maybe pancakes or sandwiches.

Get your Rhino Cookie Cutter

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buy Metal Squirrel Cookie Cutter

Metal Squirrel Cookie Cutter

If you like animal shaped cookies then you need this squirrel cookie cutter as it is made to make you cool shaped cookies.

The cookie cutter is shaped like a typical squirrel with its tail in the air and it is made from thin metal making it strong and ready to last for generations.

So now you can keep baking those animal cookies that are shaped like adorable squirrels.

The 3.5-inch cookie cutter is easy to use a is not dishwasher safe so wash and dry by hand and it will be ready for use again.

Get your Metal Squirrel Cookie Cutter

buy Hippo Cookie Cutter

Hippo Cookie Cutter

Hippopotamus Cookie Cutter

You don’t have to be a big game hunter to enjoy delicious hippo cookies! No animals are harmed in the making of this cutter, or the endless cookies that will follow!

Sure, you knew that the elephant was in the fridge, when you saw his footprints in the Jello. And, while you might not be able to get the genie back into the jar, you can make a batch of ‘Potamus cookies, and keep them in a cookie jar on the top shelf, until it is time to eat them with a tall glass of cold milk! Snack time before nap time! That would be one of my 3 wishes anyway!

Made with tin-plated steel, it is easy to clean up, with a bit of soapy water. Fun for Moms, Dads and little ones!

What makes cookie time even more awesome?? (hint, think Hippo..)

Get your hands on your very own Hippopotamus Cookie Cutter.

buy Flamingo Cookie Cutter

Flamingo Cookie Cutter

Metal Flamingo Cookie Cutter

Do you need to bake some flamingo cookies for some once birthday or just for fun?

If so then you need this cookie cutter that makes perfect shaped flamingo cookies.

The flamingo cookie cutter is made from thin plated steel and will last a lifetime.

The cookies will be about 3.75 inch high and that is the perfect size for a quick snack.

And maybe this flamingo bird cookie cutter can be used for other things as well like maybe pancakes or eggs in the shape of this pink bird.

When ever you need some cookies then think of this Flamingo Cookie Cutter. 

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buy French Bulldog Copper Cookie Cutter

French Bulldog Copper Cookie Cutter

French Bulldog Copper Cookie Cutter

Every day is a good for baking cookies, so why not add a new design to your baked goods.

Add a dog shaped cookie, a French bulldog, using this cookie cutter and dress it up with icing and candy decorations.

You could even bake some special “doggie cookies” for your favourite pooch in the shape of the French bulldog.

This solid, heavy weight copper cookie cutter measures 5” x 3 ½” x 0.8” and is formed using food safe solder.

This attractive cookie cutter can also be used as a decoration in your kitchen, sitting on a shelf or hanging in a window, or you can even use it for crafts as a stencil.

Show your love of this breed of dogs with this French Bulldog Copper Cookie Cutter.

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buy Cow Cookie Cutter

Cow Cookie Cutter

Cow Cookie Cutter

Are you looking to make some fun cookies based on your favorite barn animal?

This cow cookie cutter can help you bake those cookies and they will be just perfect.

This thin metal cookie cutter makes perfectly shaped cow cookies that are about 3.5 inch and besides cookies you can use this cutter to to make sandwiches and other things that need a cookie cutter.

Just imagine you cow cookie jar full of cow shaped cookies.

Why make simple round cookies when you can make fun shapes and you can even choose a different animal for each batch. But if cows are the animal of choice then check out this Cow Cookie Cutter.

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buy Alligator Cookie Cutter

Alligator Cookie Cutter

Aligator Cookie Cutter

Round and square cookies sure taste good but the just look so boring specially if you can bake alligator shaped cookies made with this cookie cutter.

This metal cookie cutter will make alligators of 4.5 inch and that is the perfect size for nice cookies.
Now you can start baking all those fun animal cookies.

The alligator cookie cutter is made from tinplated steel and is heavy duty quality product that can last a lifetime and that means bake cookies now for your kids and then in years to come for your grandkids.

Just imagine the smile of the kids that get their first alligator cookie made by this Alligator Cookie Cutter.

buy Giraffe Cookie Cutter

Giraffe Cookie Cutter

Giraffe Cookie Cutter

If you like cookies and giraffes then you are in need of this cookie cutter.

This giraffe cookie cutter can make cookies that are about 5″ tall and that is the perfect size for a cookie with a long neck.

Made from tin plated steel this cookie cutter is ready to do that job and after you wash this cutter by hand as it’s not dishwasher save.

Kids and adults all will love cookies that look like a giraffe so don’t wait come get your Giraffe Cookie Cutter.

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buy Sheep Cookie Cutter

Sheep Cookie Cutter

Sheep Cookie Cutter

Everyone bakes round cookies but what about sheep shaped cookies?

This 3″ metal cookie cutter is shaped like a sheep and that means that you can start making you sheep shaped cookies.

The cookies will be a hit at parties and just at home in your own cookie jar.

Besides cookies you can use this cookie cutter to make other things. For instance cut sandwiches in the shape of sheep.

I think it’s time to build you own cookie farm with cookies made with this Sheep Cookie Cutter.

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buy Dachshund Cookie Cutter

Dachshund Cookie Cutter

Dachshund Cookie Cutter

How about some dog shaped cookies?

With this dachshund cookie cutter you can make super cute little dog cookies.

The cookie cutter is made from metal and will last for ever even if you make cookies everyday.

At 5 inch long the dachshund cookies will be the perfect size and maybe decorate them with a little bit of icing to make them look even more like dogs.

Great for parties or just everyday cookies this dachshund cookie cutter is fun.

Come and get your own Dachshund Cookie Cutter.

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