buy Frenchies Rule Mug

Frenchies Rule Mug

If a French bulldog is the dog of your choice then you are going to love this frenchies rule mug.

The white ceramic mug is dishwasher safe and 11oz.

On the white mug, you can see a French bulldog with a paint brush in its mouth with pink paint dripping off the brush. Behind the dog, it says “Frenchies Rule” freshly painted by the cool dog on the mug.

Now morning coffee and afternoon tea will be so much better because you have a mug that reminds you about your amazing dog.

A dog mug like this is great fun for at home but works great at work too although people may want to steal the mug as it is amazing.

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buy French Bulldog Faces All Over T-Shirt

French Bulldog Faces All Over T-Shirt

If the French bulldog is the dog of your choice then you just need to own this t-shirt.

You can get this t-shirt in a bunch of colors and sizes and in styles for men, women, and kids.

On the t-shirt you can find 5 rows of 4 bulldog faces and yes they are the same French bulldog but the direction changes and that makes it just a fun pattern on dog faces.

Why would you want to wear anything else after seeing this fun dog t-shirt?

Show the world that a black and white bulldog is cute and fun by wearing this t-shirt around town.

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buy Frenchie-Opoly


The perfect gift for lovers of the French Bulldog! So cute, a Monopoly style game, except everything is French Bulldog themed!

See the sweet care which the game developers have taken in the development of this fully playable *satire* of the popular Parker Brother’s Game, Monopoly! With wooden tokens representing various doggie items such as bones and dog bowls, you make your way around the board to become leader of the pack!

Instead of “jail” you have “kennel” of course. Instead of “community chest” or “chance” you have “good dog” and “bad dog” spots on the board! And of course, instead of “luxury tax” you have “doggy spa!” It is all great fun and will keep everyone at the table in stitches while providing a similar yet unique gaming experience where the French bulldog is the top of it’s class.

Don’t miss your opportunity to pick up this wonderful gift for yourself or your fellow doggy-philes!

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buy French Bulldog Copper Cookie Cutter

French Bulldog Copper Cookie Cutter

French Bulldog Copper Cookie Cutter

Every day is a good for baking cookies, so why not add a new design to your baked goods.

Add a dog shaped cookie, a French bulldog, using this cookie cutter and dress it up with icing and candy decorations.

You could even bake some special “doggie cookies” for your favourite pooch in the shape of the French bulldog.

This solid, heavy weight copper cookie cutter measures 5” x 3 ½” x 0.8” and is formed using food safe solder.

This attractive cookie cutter can also be used as a decoration in your kitchen, sitting on a shelf or hanging in a window, or you can even use it for crafts as a stencil.

Show your love of this breed of dogs with this French Bulldog Copper Cookie Cutter.

buy Fench Bulldog Laptop Decal

Fench Bulldog Laptop Decal

Cute dog laptop decal

A French bulldog are very playful, sociable, patient and alert kind of dog.

If you have a French bulldog or just love animals you will enjoy sticking this cute French bulldog decal to your 13″ MacBook. It could fit other laptops or even the iPad to but just realize that it is designed to fit the 13 Macbook perfectly.

This cute decal is in the shape of a white French bulldog with black colour around half of his face sitting down with his head looking up.

The dog decal measures 6 x 5 inches and is a high quality vinyl decal and is easy to apply.

You will find yourself smiling when you take out you laptop to use when you see this adorable French Bulldog Decal.

buy French Bulldog Magnet

French Bulldog Magnet

Somebody farted fridge magnet with a dog on it

French bulldogs are very playful, easygoing, affectionate and known to be very sociable type of dog.

Are you always having trouble finding the grocery list you done up to take to the store when you go?

Well, if you love bulldogs and need to stick that grocery or doctors appointment somewhere then why not use this cute French bulldog magnet to stick those note to your refrigerator.

This cute magnet features a picture of a French bulldog sitting down with a quote “somebody Farted ” written above his head.

It is made from metal, has a thick laminated top and is 2 by 3 inches in size.

Stick those note now to your refrigerator with this funny French Bulldog Somebody Farted Fridge Magnet.

buy French Bulldog Love Greeting Card

French Bulldog Love Greeting Card

Valentines day is a day of love.

Share your special day with this cute French bulldog card. It is the perfect Valentine’s Day greeting card for anyone of all ages.

Jack the French bulldog wants to be a part of your special valentines day and deliver that message to the one you love.

This card as a special design with a red outline and a white bubble in the middle with a picture of Jack the bulldog carrying a heart waiting to be delivered to your loved one. And this greeting card is empty on the inside and that means plenty of room for a special message.

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