buy French Bulldog Magnet

French Bulldog Magnet

Somebody farted fridge magnet with a dog on it

French bulldogs are very playful, easygoing, affectionate and known to be very sociable type of dog.

Are you always having trouble finding the grocery list you done up to take to the store when you go?

Well, if you love bulldogs and need to stick that grocery or doctors appointment somewhere then why not use this cute French bulldog magnet to stick those note to your refrigerator.

This cute magnet features a picture of a French bulldog sitting down with a quote “somebody Farted ” written above his head.

It is made from metal, has a thick laminated top and is 2 by 3 inches in size.

Stick those note now to your refrigerator with this funny French Bulldog Somebody Farted Fridge Magnet.

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