buy Fench Bulldog Laptop Decal

Fench Bulldog Laptop Decal

Cute dog laptop decal

A French bulldog are very playful, sociable, patient and alert kind of dog.

If you have a French bulldog or just love animals you will enjoy sticking this cute French bulldog decal to your 13″ MacBook. It could fit other laptops or even the iPad to but just realize that it is designed to fit the 13 Macbook perfectly.

This cute decal is in the shape of a white French bulldog with black colour around half of his face sitting down with his head looking up.

The dog decal measures 6 x 5 inches and is a high quality vinyl decal and is easy to apply.

You will find yourself smiling when you take out you laptop to use when you see this adorable French Bulldog Decal.

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