buy Chimpanzee Jigsaw Puzzle

Chimpanzee Jigsaw Puzzle

Now there is this Chimpanzee Jigsaw Puzzle that is just fun to build.

This jigsaw puzzle is available in 30, 110, 252, 500 and 1000 pieces so that there is one that is just perfect for you or you can even get a 30 piece puzzle for a child todo. And this nice puzzle comes in a metal tin with the image of the chimpanzee on the top.

As you can see the puzzle shows a nice portrait of a chimpanzee and he is holding a branch in his hand, the background has some fun lighting details which makes the picture look great and the puzzle more interesting to make.

Puzzle are a great way to spend some time and it is much better than staring at the TV or your phone.

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buy The Dog Playing Cards

The Dog Playing Cards

If you like to play games and dogs then you want to get these The Dog Playing Cards.

The deck of cards have The Dog on the back and on the front of the cards you can find many cute puppies and the value of the cards so that you play cards and watch dogs.

Now you can take your playing cards with you and play dog style card games with your friends at home and on the road.

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buy Sharkopoly Board Game

Sharkopoly Board Game

If you like to play Monopoly and you like sharks then now there is this Shakopoly board game that is Monopoly about sharks.

There is this special board that says in big letters “Shakopoly” on and looks like the sea with sharks swimming around and instead of properties there are sharks and even the play pieces are sharks or are shark related.

So let’s see who can make the most money can collect all the sharks.

With a board game like this, your Shark Week party will be extra fun and a game like this should be in your home ready for that rainy day that keeps you inside ready to do something fun.

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buy Happy Salmon Card Game

Happy Salmon Card Game

Now there is Happy Salmon a fun card game you can play with your friends.

The game includes 72 cards that lets you do something that you have to do with a friend that has the same card and by doing so you play the card and who is out of cards first will win Happy Salmon.

This fun board game is great for kids and adults and can be played with 3 – 6 players.

The cards of the game come in a cool pouch that looks like a really happy salmon and the pouch makes it perfect for taking with you on a trip like camping or you can even take it to school or work.

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buy Frenchie-Opoly


The perfect gift for lovers of the French Bulldog! So cute, a Monopoly style game, except everything is French Bulldog themed!

See the sweet care which the game developers have taken in the development of this fully playable *satire* of the popular Parker Brother’s Game, Monopoly! With wooden tokens representing various doggie items such as bones and dog bowls, you make your way around the board to become leader of the pack!

Instead of “jail” you have “kennel” of course. Instead of “community chest” or “chance” you have “good dog” and “bad dog” spots on the board! And of course, instead of “luxury tax” you have “doggy spa!” It is all great fun and will keep everyone at the table in stitches while providing a similar yet unique gaming experience where the French bulldog is the top of it’s class.

Don’t miss your opportunity to pick up this wonderful gift for yourself or your fellow doggy-philes!

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buy Hungry Hungry Hippos Board Game

Hungry Hungry Hippos Board Game

A board game classic is always fun to have and now there is an opportunity to become a Hungry Hungry Hippos owner.

This famous Hasbro game is all about making your hippopotamus eat the most marbles.

The game can be played by up to 4 players that all can make the head of one hippo move closer to the marbles and then it’s just getting the most of them.

A game like this is great fun for young and old and of course much better then watching TV on a rainy day.

Now you can show the world that you can eat marbles like no other hippo by simply playing this fun game.

Get your Hungry Hungry Hippos Board Game

buy Robot Turtles Board Game

Robot Turtles Board Game

Robot Turtles Board Game

Looking for a fun board game for kids and adults that has turtles in them then you have to look at Robot Turtles.

Robot Turtles was the most backed board game on kickstarter and now you can buy one to.

This turtle game is all about robot turtles that need to move through a maze. It’s made for kids ages 4 and up and can be played with 2 to 5 people at once.

By playing this game kids learn basic programming rules so even when playing they get even smarter and that while they are having a great time.

If you are looking for a fun board game then come see the Robot Turtles Board Game.

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buy Grumpy Cat Playing Cards

Grumpy Cat Playing Cards

Grumpy Cat Playing Cards

Grumpy Cat is here and he is ready to play some cards and I am sure there will be no fun playing with this cat but hey I could be wrong.

This deck of playing cards show a red typical playing cards design with a picture of the Grumpy Cat in the middle.

For the design of the cards you can choose what you exactly want and so that you at least can have some fun while playing a game of cards.

Each deck of cards has 52 playing cards and 2 jokers that don’t seem to impress the cat.

Lets get ready to play cards with this deck of Grumpy Cat Playing Cards.

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