buy Teddy Bear Bike Helmet

Teddy Bear Bike Helmet

Now there is this adorable Teddy Bear Bike Helmet that is great for infants that want to learn to ride a bike.

This bicycle helmet is for infants and can easily be adjusted in size to fit your child perfectly.

If your child likes bears and needs a helmet for riding a bike or other toys that warrant wearing a helmet then this is just perfect.

As you can see the top of the helmet looks like a teddy bear complete with it’s cute face and even the bears ears.

Now your child can go play outside without you having to worry about hurting their head.

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buy Lobster Flip Flops

Lobster Flip Flops

It is time for the pool or beach so why not blend in with a sweet pair of flip flops that are literally covered in lobsters.

On the top of these flip flops, you will see a white background with multiple images of red detailed lobsters from the big claws right down to the little antenna feelers.

The lobster flip flops are available in a huge variety of sizes. Women’s sizes 4 to 13 and Men’s sizes 3 to 12. You can choose from either white or black colors for the sole and thong on your classic lobster sandals, and check out the kid’s style too.

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buy Shark Head Sleep Mask

Shark Head Sleep Mask

If your child need a nap while dreaming about sharks then you have to check out this Shark Head Sleep Mask.

The sleep mask looks like the head of a great white shark complete with his big teeth.

The part that touches the eyes is made from flannel and is blue decorated with many sharks and all of it is soft and comfy and great at blocking the light so that you can sleep even in the daytime.

Anyone that loves sharks and need a sleep mask can now dream of sharks all thanks to this mask.

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buy Brown dog Kids Chair

Brown dog Kids Chair

Now there is a fun Brown dog Kids Chair.

The little once deserve something to sit on too and this kids chair is just adorable as it look like a brown dog and it will be like the child is sitting on the lap of the dog.

Toddlers will love their plush dog to sit on and play with as it is almost like a plush animal shaped like a chair.

And we know that little accidents will happen and that is no problem as the dog can be removed from the chair and the whole plush cover can be machine washed.

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buy Kids Koala Backpack

Kids Koala Backpack

If you are looking for a cute backpack for the little one then you have to check out this adorable kids koala backpack.

The backpack is made for toddlers and is great for taking things to preschool or the adventures your child is going to have.

The backpack is really shaped like a koala bear complete with his ears, face, and paws. And the backpack has a big main compartment and even his little paws are pockets for the small things.

And like any good backpack the koala backpack has adjustable straps to give it the perfect fit your child deserves.

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buy Kids Shark Shaped Backpack

Kids Shark Shaped Backpack

If you are looking for an amazing kids shark shaped backpack then you came to the right place as this is an amazing shark backpack.

The backpack is shaped like a shark with its face on the top with big eyes and a red mouth with big white teeth. The backpack is white and gray and the the fins on the side and top are there too.

In side the backpack has lots of space and the straps are padded and adjustable so that it can be carried easily and comfortablely.

So if you want your child to have a shark backpack then this is it and if gray is boring then you can get it as a pink or yellow shark too.

Get your Kids Shark Shaped Backpack

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buy Zebra Print Flip Flops

Zebra Print Flip Flops

If you like black and white and animal prints then you should check out these zebra print flip flops as they would be perfect for you.

The footbed of these flip flops shows fun white and black stripes just like you could find them on a zebra and that makes them animal print flip flops.

And these zebra flip flops even have a black strap to match the design and the strap comes in different sizes. And you can get these flip flops for men, women, and the kids so that the whole family could be wearing zebra print flip flops to the beach.

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buy Fluffy Tiger Paw Slippers

Fluffy Tiger Paw Slippers

These tiger slippers make your feet look like tiger paws which is way more fun than other boring slippers most people have.

And these tiger slippers are available in sizes for both men, women, and kids.

Nice orange paws with black stripes and big claws that you can have on your feet   when walking around the house.

And tiger paws will keep your feet warm to on those cold days.

Make the whole family into a tiger feet family by surprising them with these fun slippers.

Get your Fluffy Tiger Paw Slippers

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buy Giraffe Plush Kids Boots

Giraffe Plush Kids Boots

Giraffes are amazing animals and many little ones love their long necks and long tongues. Now they can share their love with these great boots.

They are yellow and brown to make up the pattern of the giraffe’s skin. They have some brown yarn on the back of the boot to make up the mane. The toes of the boot is the giraffe’s nose and mouth. He has two white and black eyes and two little ears. He is a happy giraffe.

Made by EMU Australia, these plush boots will keep your little ones feet warm indoors or outdoors. They come in sizes ranging from 8 toddler, 11 little kid and up to a 4 in big kids. They have rubber soles for traction, and are lined with Australian sheep skin for warmth and comfort.  Their outsides are made from suede and are double-stitched for durability.

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buy Kids Ladybug Plush Boots

Kids Ladybug Plush Boots

With the cold chilly weather you need to protect with the finest of warm boots but also look stylish at the same time, here is a great pair of boots to get that done.

This is a pair of boots that are made to look like a ladybug, a red boot with black dots and the toe is black with eyes making it look like the ladybug head.

A very high quality plush boot that features a soft suede outter shell with a manmade rubber outter sole with grip and the inside will keep your foot extremely warm as it is made from plush sheepskin and is the finest lining around.

Available in a wide selection of toddler and kids sizes that range from toddler 1 years up to kids 8 years.

Get your Kids Ladybug Plush Boots

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