buy Monkey Slippers

Monkey Slippers

Cold feet can be a thing of the past when you own this pair of monkey slippers.

These slippers are adorable and come in many sizes for both kids and adults.

The slippers look like monkeys lying on their back with paws and of course their head.

Just imagine walking around the house with two animals on your feet.

Of course these monkey slippers make for a great gift and I am sure they are gone be loved on all those cold days when socks are just not enough.

With monkeys at your feet live becomes better for sure.

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buy Turtle Slippers

Turtle Slippers

Cold feet are not a nice thing to have when you are at home and that is why they invented slippers.

If you like turtles then you are in luck because we found the coolest pair of turtle slippers.

And these turtle slippers come in many sizes so that kids and adults can enjoy them.

As you can see on the picture the slippers have amazing detail and are perfect for in the mornings when things don’t move to fast because turtles don’t go fast either.

And these animal slippers have a nonslip bottom to make the safe to.

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buy Brown Bear Peruvian Hat And Mittens

Brown Bear Peruvian Hat And Mittens

Brown Bear Peruvian Hat And Mittens

This peruvian style hat features the look of a brown bear, all brown with a cute face that is detailed and ears that stick up along with tassels that hang low under each ear.

The mittens match with the brown color and have two white stripes on each wrist and is perfect to wear with the hat.

The bear hat with matching mittens is fit in a range of kids toddler sizes 2T to 4T and features stretch mittens so they will fit all sizes nice and snug while both keep your little one snug and warm.

Have a look at the Brown Bear Kids Peruvian Hat And Mittens.

buy Kids Sheep Costume

Kids Sheep Costume

Cute Kids Sheep Costume

If you want to get a little sheep but already have a kid then why not transform you child into a sheep this Halloween with this cute Halloween costume.

This costume has everything you need to make the perfect sheet.

Pants, shirt, headpiece and even mitts and shoe covers are included.

And this child’s sheep costume is available in sizes XSmall – XL and is even available in toddler and adult sizes if you want to have a whole sheep family.

A fun sheep costume like this is perfect for Halloween or even as part of a nativity scene with Christmas.

Come and take a closer look at this Kids Sheep Costume.

buy Peacock Kids Costume

Peacock Kids Costume

Here is a beautiful costume that makes you look like a peacock, find a detailed dress with a mix of green and blue colors along with a flashy gold trim. The peacock tail is a light blue green color that has the detailed eyes on each plumage using an array of colors, the headpiece is dominantly gold in color to top off this amazing outfit.

The peacock costume is available in girls kid sizes of Small (4-6), Medium (8-10) and Large (12-14), it includes the dress, headpiece and tail and is perfect for Halloween, dress up or costume parties.

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buy Show Horses And Stable Play Set

Show Horses And Stable Play Set

Show Horses And Stable Play Set

If you love horses and want a great play set that features a stable this is the perfect toy for you.

Find a wooden stable painted with red stripes on white with eight seperate stalls and eight horses from white, grey and brown colors all detailed and looking ready for show.

The Melissa and Doug Show-Horse Stable is a trusted name giving you a high quality product, included in this play set is 8 different horses with a carry take along stable that all the horses fit in. Also the stable doors swing open and latch closed with other fun accessories like make your own name tags and facts about horse breeds.

Get the Melissa And Doug Show Horses And Stable Play Set.

buy Rocking Plush Giraffe

Rocking Plush Giraffe

Rocking Plush Giraffe

While everyone else is watching their little ones play on the rocking horse why not change it up in a fun and different way, start watching your little one on the rocking giraffe.

This is a rocking giraffe that features the beautiful designed pattern of a giraffe, with it’s long neck and a very friendly face and a head that has the giraffe’s small ears and short hairy horns on top.

Made from durable sturdy wood rockers and a very soft plush material the seat height is 19 inches and it can hold up to 80 pounds.

Saddle up on the Rocking Plush Giraffe.

buy Moose Rocking Ride On Plush

Moose Rocking Ride On Plush

Moose Rocking Ride On Plush

Who needs an old boring rocking horse? Let’s mix it up and ride a moose!

This is a moose rocking toy that looks just like a large male moose with a set of plush antlers, fuzzy plush fur and a friendley face.

The rocking moose is made with a sturdy wood frame and rockers that is finished with soft plush material, the moose measures 30.5 inches x 20.5 inches x 28.5 inches.

This is a great way to show off your love for the amazing moose and pass along the tradition to the next little ones in your family.

Have some fun with the Moose Rocking Ride On Plush Toy.

buy Giraffe Travel Pillow

Giraffe Travel Pillow

Giraffe Travel Pillow

The animal that knows the best about supporting it’s neck, has got to be our favorite, the giraffe! Well, he can help you support your child’s neck too with this adorable giraffe neck supporting pillow! He looks so sweet, and children of all ages (correction, aged one or older please) will adore him! So great to accompany a car seat or stroller! Naptime will be fun when your friend is so close!

This charming cushon (supportive pillow) is machine washable, so maintenance is straightforward, and it’s plush fabric, so you know it’s soft for your loved ones gentle skin. Pick up a couple, and you can keep one in the car at all times, it curls up easily when not in use!

Get your young one a nap time friend. Come get a sweet neck supporting Giraffe Travel Pillow.

buy Cute Kids Penguin Backpack

Cute Kids Penguin Backpack

Cute Kids Penguin Winter Backpack

What is the cutest backpack imaginable?

Easily the Penguin Skip-Hop-Zoo Winter backpack! Immeasurably cute! It even has a identical (plush) clip on character you can attach anywhere! This adorable (BPA-free and phthalate-free) bag has adjustable padded straps and an insulated pouch to keep food warm or cold.

Perfect for kids of all ages, (3 years or older) so much fun for day trips, picnics, nursery school or kindergarten! Versatile mesh bottle pocket keeps drinks handy with easy access.

Your little ones can start learning how to take care of lovely things with this pack that will double as a friend! Complete with a name tag inside that will maintain it’s rightful owner!

Imagine your little one smiling with delight as they carry this flightless bird full of lunch or healthy snacks or whatever they need to take with them! Just like big people do!

Get your little loved one of these Penguin Backpacks.