buy Winter Penguin Plush

Winter Penguin Plush

If you want something warm and fluffy then come check out this winter penguin plush.

The cute penguin is black and white with orange feet and an orange nose and it does not like to be cold and that is why it is wearing a green scarf and green and red earmuffs.

The plush penguin is a great toy for young and old and maybe even the dog.

And this penguin is 10 inch tall and 4 inch wide making it the perfect size plush for kids to carry around where ever they go.

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buy Yellow Elephant Plush

Yellow Elephant Plush

Now there is a cute yellow elephant plush and it is so adorable so everyone is going to want one.

This elephant looks like a baby elephant as it has many wrinkles like it didn’t grow into it’s skin yet and that makes it really adorable.

The plush elephant is pretty big with as it is more then 20 inches tall and that makes it one nice big plush kids will like but also adults will love.

Just imagine this cute yellow animal plush in your home and it’s adorable eyes just want to cuddle with the cute animal all day long.

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buy Canned Koala Plush

Canned Koala Plush

If you like a fun plush present then you should check out this canned koala plush.

A cute koala bear is something kids and adults want to own and this is a plush koala that is just perfect for anyone.

And this koala comes inside a metal can just like soup and that makes it a fun present but you will need a can opener and maybe an adult to help with opening it.

The cute plush will be so happy when you help it escape from the metal home.

The can has a fun label that says “Canned Koala Export Quality” so you know it is great.

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buy Giant Plush Dolphin

Giant Plush Dolphin

If you like dolphins and plush animals then you have to check out this giant plush dolphin.

The dolphin is light blue on the top and has a white bottom and this plush animal is 140cm long (more then 55 inch) and that makes it one giant plush dolphin.

A plush animal is great fun but a giant plush like this is so much better as you can really hug and cuddle with it and the dolphin is hard to miss when it lying around in your home.

Kids and adults love plush animals and that makes this dolphin great for for lots of people and it does make for a great present too for anyone that loves dolphins.

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buy Humphrey Elephant 9 Inch Plush

Humphrey Elephant 9 Inch Plush

If you are looking for that perfect long lasting stuffed companion that your little one can grow up with, then look no further than Humphrey the elephant.

A Bedtime Originals, this is Humphrey elephant. With all of the cute features of a grey baby elephant, from small cute eyes, big floppy ears, little legs and of course do not forget that adorable trunk.

This plush elephant is made to be super soft and cuddly making it perfect for bed time. It measures 9 inches tall and is 8.5 inches wide giving it the perfect size to go on road trips, watch movies and snuggle in for sleep time.

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buy Turtle Bath Toy With Light

Turtle Bath Toy With Light

Move over rubber ducky! Theirs’s a new name in town! Glowy turtles! What better way to make bath time so much fun!

This light up sea animal toy has sensors on its underside that detect water and cause it to light up by way of LED lights. It is so cool, you little lass or little lad is going to love it!

Think of the fun to be had! Be honest, mommy or daddy will get a smile from it too.

Delivers in its own small sized box, designed to be a perfect gift! Shower gifts are over-rated.. we want the best bath tub gift.. and this is it!

This turtle is going to be a clean and happy trusted friend for your little tikes, and he doesn’t need pizza to work his magic! You won’t have to shell out much to enjoy the wonder he brings. Rittle wonder he’s so kawaii!

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buy Bunny Feisty Pets Plush

Bunny Feisty Pets Plush

If you would like a fun plush rabbit to cuddle with then this plush bunny could work but be careful as it does have an attitude.

The adorable 8.5 inches tall plush rabbit is cute and great for cuddling and playing with BUT don’t squeeze it behind the ears because it does not like that and then it will show it’s crazy eyes and its teeth.

Yes, this plush bunny is a toy for kids but only for kids that can tame this crazy bunny rabbit and love it even with the attitude the animal has.

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buy Cat Feisty Pets Plush

Cat Feisty Pets Plush

No longer do plush animals look cute and adorable and it all started with this plush cat that is part of the Fiesty Pets series.

The plush cat is an orange cat and looks adorable and cute but then when you lightly squeezes his head his true self comes out and that includes mean looking eyes and sharp teeth.

The plush orange cat is about 8 inches tall and loves to take over your life.

Sure you can play and cuddle with it and it’s good for kids too but be careful about touching its head because the cat’s dark side may show.

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buy Blue Baby Pups Dog Plush

Blue Baby Pups Dog Plush

If you are looking for a blue puppy for you child then this plush dog from Ty is what you need.

The plush dog is about 8.3 inches tall and rated ages 3 months and up and the dog is white with light blue spots (also available with pink spots) and can quickly become your child’s best friend.

Puppies are cute and this plush one is super cute too and he looks different and special thanks to his blue spots.

Make a child smile by surprising them with this plush made by Ty.

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buy Webkinz 8.5 Inch Tall Plush Reindeer

Webkinz 8.5 Inch Tall Plush Reindeer

Now you can have your own reindeer just like Santa only this one does not pull flying sleighs but this reindeer does love to cuddle and play.

The reindeer is part of the Webkinz series and he looks amazing with his big antlers on top of his head.

The plush reindeer is 8.5 inches tall and is rated ages 6 and up and I am sure that besides Christmas this reindeer is always ready to play and he loves other plush animals to so he would be a great addition to your plush animal farm.

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