buy Shark Crab Squid LEGO Creator

Shark Crab Squid LEGO Creator

Ocean sea creatures are great, but to build them out of LEGO would be awesome. Well now you can.

In this 3 piece set you build a shark with poseable fins, open mouth and sharp teeth. The shark measures over 3 inches high x 8 inches long x 3 inches wide.

The crab has a box of treasure and measures over 1 inches long x 4 inches wide.

The next build you can do a squid or a giant mouthed angler fish. The squid measures over 1 inches high x 7 inches long x 8 inches wide.

Included in this sea creature set is the ability to separately build a shark, crab or squid. There is a total of 230 pieces in this set and you can find it under it’s official LEGO number of 31088.

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buy Bald Eagle, Scorpion And Beaver LEGO Set

Bald Eagle, Scorpion And Beaver LEGO Set

Bald Eagle LEGO Set

Choose your animal, follow the instructios and in no time you will have a great LEGO version that also articulates.

The LEGO creator set includes three awesome animals that you can make, the scorpion with a large pointy articulating tail, a beaver also with moving tail and teeth and a firece flying bald eagle with both wings that flap and large claw talons and beak.

This LEGO creator set 31004 has 166 pieces and when you put together your animals the wings or tail actually move using the articulating LEGO pieces, such an awesome gift idea for the LEGO fan or for yourself.

Build and collect this Bald Eagle, Scorpion And Beaver LEGO Set

buy LEGO Easter Bunny

LEGO Easter Bunny

Lego 40086 Easter Bunny

With Easter the Easter bunny brings a lot of chocolate but if you don’t like you kids to have so much candy then maybe you can ask the bunny to bring this LEGO set instead.

This LEGO set is a bunny with it’s carrot and that is perfect for Easter or any other time of the year.

Now there is a rabbit that you have to build yourself and that is a great way to build and explore and the rabbit has a carrot so maybe it even teaches us about eating healthy to.

Kids and adults love LEGO so why not get this them LEGO Rabbit Set.