buy Raccoon Hand Puppet

Raccoon Hand Puppet

If you like to play with plush toys then maybe you like this Raccoon Hand Puppet.

The hand puppet plush animal is made by Aurora and they are famous for their amazing plush animals.

The plush raccoon looks really fluffy and sweet and it comes alive when you put your hand inside it because then you can make your own stories and plays.

And this plush raccoon is rated ages 3+ making it just a fun plush animal you can really have adventures with and will be good for many hours of fun.

I think many kids will love to get a raccoon hand puppet as a present.

Get your Raccoon Hand Puppet

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buy Aurora Plush Pig Tubbie Wubbie

Aurora Plush Pig Tubbie Wubbie

Aurora Plush Pig Tubbie Wubbie

The pig can come off as a dirty animal, but take a look at this little wee adorable piggy.

This is a very cute pink pig with very soft scraggly plush fur and adorable floppy ears, super friendly face and snout, this piggy is ready to go home and snuggle aswell as ride along on any adventures you may go on.

From the trusted brand name Aurora Plush this pig is very soft and cuddly from the series of Tubbie Wubbie, standing approximately 12 inches tall this is as high quality as it gets with it’s fine plush materials.

Have a look at the Aurora Plush 12 Inch Pig Tubbie Wubbie.

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buy Dreamy Eye Pony Plush

Dreamy Eye Pony Plush

Aurora Dreamy Eye Pony Plush

The people from Aurora did it again they made a super cute plush animal that you just need to have.

Prancer is a 10″ pony plush or maybe he is just a tiny horse but either way this animal looks so cute and cuddly that we won’t fight about that.

The brown pony has big dreamy eyes and could fall over any second now because it needs a rest. On the inside Prancer is filled with beans and that will make him a bit more posable.

Kids from all ages will enjoy this cute horse. Just think about having this plush horse in your home as it’s seems to need a new home.

Come take a closer look at Prancer Dreamy Eyes Pony Plush.

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buy Meerkat Aurora Plush Animal

Meerkat Aurora Plush Animal

Meerkat Aurora Plush

The meerkat is know for beign curious and cute, if you have always wanted to take one home here

This stuffed animal is made to look just like the cute little meerkat with eyes that have the trademark black patches around them, small black cresent shaped ear and a pointy nose. This meerkat also stands upright how we see them most of the time, and don’t forget the long tail that they use for stability and balance.

Made from the very well known and trusted plush stuffed animal manufacturer Aurora you this meerkat stands 12 inches tall and will last a long time while being super soft.

Cuddle up with this Meerkat Aurora Plush.

buy 12 Inch Plush Raccoon

12 Inch Plush Raccoon

Aurora 12 Inch Plush Raccoon

If you are looking for a super cute and soft plush animal then you have to check out this raccoon.

This racoon plush is 12 inch and made by Aurora witch means a safe and sturdy animal that is great for kids to enjoy.

And as you can see on the picture above this raccoon plush looks so realistic that even a real raccoon would do a double take.

Kids are gone love their plush raccoon and that means that this will make the for the perfect kids presents for a birthday, holiday or just because.

Make some one smile by giving them this Plush Raccoon.

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buy Hedgehog Aurora Plush

Hedgehog Aurora Plush

Hedgehog Aurora Plush

Hedgehog’s are adorable cute little animals, who would not want to have one as a pet, or the next best thing an Aurora plush animal pet.

This is a hedgehog that has soft and fuzzy fur with light brown little feet poking out and a light brown face and snout looking adorable making this hedgehog a perfect bed time or travel companion.

You know this hedgehog will be super high quality as it is made by Aurora a trusted plush making company, this hedgehog is bean filled using a double bag to make sure it is durable and long lasting while the outside is super soft for one really cuddly plush animal freind.

Have a closer look at this super cute Hedgehog Aurora Plush.

buy Llama Plush

Llama Plush

Llama Plush

The Llama may be a bit goofy looking, funny looking and really just weird but did you know that they are actually a really good watch guard for a herd of farm animals.

This is a plush of a Llama that has a lot of attention to detail from it’s funny but cute face to the ears and hooves, made by Aurora so you can guarantee it will be very durable and of course a soft snuggly buddy too.

The Llama plush is bean filled and will be the perfect gift for anyone.

Try out this cuddle partner, go and get the Aurora lama Push.

Sea Otter Plush

Aurora cali otter flopsi plush otter

How cute is this?

Yes I know it is really cute.

This is a 12″ plush sea otter made by Aurora Plush. And Aurora means quality.

Like most Auroa Plush toys the eyes and nose are embroiderd so that you as parent don’t have to worry about eyes being swallowed by your kids.

And this sea is so soft that you and you kids will have to fight over who can cuddle with it next. This otter is holding a sea star that he found on it’s quest down the ocean.

Have a closer look and see what others think of this Sea Otter Plush Toy.