buy Raccoon Hand Puppet

Raccoon Hand Puppet

If you like to play with plush toys then maybe you like this Raccoon Hand Puppet.

The hand puppet plush animal is made by Aurora and they are famous for their amazing plush animals.

The plush raccoon looks really fluffy and sweet and it comes alive when you put your hand inside it because then you can make your own stories and plays.

And this plush raccoon is rated ages 3+ making it just a fun plush animal you can really have adventures with and will be good for many hours of fun.

I think many kids will love to get a raccoon hand puppet as a present.

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buy Pig Hand Puppet

Pig Hand Puppet

Pig Hand Puppet

Kids can have so much fun playing with glove puppets. It’s a great way for them to make up stories and go on adventures.

And now they can have a cute pink pig to play with.

This 9 inch tall hand puppet is perfect for kids that like farm animals. The puppet is pink and has room for the hand and fingers to control the movements of the animal.

Now kids and adults can play while pretending a little pig.

And no this pig puppet can’t take a mud bath but when it gets a little bit dirty then you can surface clean it.

Help your kids explore new things while playing with this Pig Hand Puppet.

buy Dog Hand Puppet

Dog Hand Puppet

brown Dog Hand Puppet

This 9 inch tall hand puppet looks like a super cute brown dog that even has his tongue sticking out.

Great for all ages this toy puppy is great to play with and cuddle and because it is a glove puppet also great for playing stories.

Kids and adults both can have a great time playing with this dog hand puppet.

And when this cute puppy gets dirty then it’s ok to surface clean him and start playing again.

Hand puppets are a great way to make kids learn and have adventures. Their imaginations really flows when they are in control of this Brown Dog Hand Puppet.