buy Hedgehog With Flower Baby Bodysuit

Hedgehog With Flower Baby Bodysuit

Come check out this cute Hedgehog With Flower Baby Bodysuit that is just perfect for your newborn or any other baby you know.

This design is also available on t-shirt for kids and adults.

You can get this cute baby bodysuit in sizes from 0 – 24 months and it is available in many sizes to make it just perfect for you child.

And then on the front of the baby outfit it shows a circle with colors inside it and then in front of it you find a hedgehog standing and it is holding a flower in its hand. It is a bit of a retro design and even has a bit of a worn look.

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buy Kids Hedgehog Learning Toy

Kids Hedgehog Learning Toy

Now there is this fun Kids Hedgehog Learning Toy.

This is Spike the hedgehog and he will help your child learn fine motor skills and colors.

Spike is a brown with blue top and inside the hedgehog, you can find his quills so that they are stored away when not in use and then you can get them out and your child can start putting the quills in the holes which helps them learn to fit things in and the quills come in different colors and the holes have number too so that you can also use it to learn how to count.

Kids will like this cute hedgehog that is colorful and that will pull the kids in so that they keep playing and learning with it.

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buy Hedgehog Sticker

Hedgehog Sticker

If you like prickly animals and want a fun sticker then you should check out this Hedgehog Sticker.

The sticker is cut in the shape of the animal complete with its spiky hair and it does not look really happy but in a cool way.

The sticker is vinyl and as it is cut in shape there is a bit more sticker besides the animal and you can choose between see-through or white but either way it is the animal that is all about.

You can get this fun vinyl sticker in many sizes so that you get the hedgehog you like best and as it is a vinyl sticker you can place it on many surfaces from your computer to a notebook or maybe the front door and it does remove without leaving a residue.

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buy Dream Hedgehog Slippers

Dream Hedgehog Slippers

If you want something warm to wear at home then you should check out these Dream Hedgehog Slippers.

These slippers come in sizes for kids and women and will look great on kids and adults.

These hedgehog slippers are brown with a fluffy lining and on the front of the slippers it says “dream” and it shows some stars and the moon and below that a big picture of a hedgehog.

And the bottom of the slippers are made from rubber so that they are nice and solid and perfectly safe to wear around the house.

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buy Hedgejog T-Shirt

Hedgejog T-Shirt

If you like hedgehogs and running then you should check out this hedgejog t-shirt.

On this t-shirt you can see a hedgehog and it is running and even wearing shorts and carrying a water bottle. Above the hedgehog it says Hedgejog as it is a jogging hedgehog.

You can get this funny t-shirt in style for men and women and it comes in sizes Small – 6XL and in a wide range of colors so that you can get the perfect running hedgehog t-shirt.

I am sure that wearing this t-shirt will make people smile and maybe it motivates a running your see passing you while you are outside.

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buy Hedgehog In Leaves Mousepad

Hedgehog In Leaves Mousepad

Now you can have a cool mousepad on your desk all thanks to this hedgehog in leaves mousepad.

The mousepad shows a fall kind of look as there are many yellow leaves on the ground and on top of those leaves you can see a cute hedgehog just moving around.

Having a fun mousepad like this on your desk will make you smile even if you need your mouse because of work.

The hedgehog mousepad is 9.25 x 7.75 inches and has a cloth top that is dust and stain resistant and the back of the mousepad is nonslip so that it stays in place when you are using your mousepad while still being easy moveable when you need it too.

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buy Colorful Hedgehogs Pillow

Colorful Hedgehogs Pillow

If you like a fun pillow and like it to be colorful then you should check out this colorful hedgehogs pillow.

The pillow is white and is covered in rows and rows off hedgehogs and they are all in fun colors and beside the front also the back of the pillow is covered in these friendly hedgehogs.

You can get this pillow in different sizes and you can pick different fabrics too even one for outdoor use.

So now you can dress up you home with a fun pillow. A colorful pillow like this would make for a fun pillow for a kids room.

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buy Hedgehog Kitchen Timer

Hedgehog Kitchen Timer

If you like to time your cooking and you like hedgehog then you should check out this hedgehog kitchen timer.

The kitchen time is round and fat at the bottom and a dome above it and that some looks like a cute hedgehog with everything you expect from one.

You can set this kitchen timer between 1 and 60 minutes making it perfect for timing your cooking and that means things don’t have to burn anymore.

And you can use the hedgehog timer to time other things too like if you like to brush your teeth for 5 minutes just put the hedgehog at the job and it will let you know when you can stop brushing.

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buy Hedgehog Wall Clock

Hedgehog Wall Clock

If you like hedgehogs and need to know the time then this hedgehog wall clock is what you want.

The wall clock is available in a round and square version and even in different sizes and you can pick the colors of the hands. On all the clocks you will find the same amazing photo of a little hedgehog staring right at you as it wants to make sure you will be on time today.

And to get the hedgehog clock to tell time you just have to feed it one AA battery that is not included with the wall clock.

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buy Hedgehog Pencil Holder

Hedgehog Pencil Holder

If you have a lot of pencils lying around and you like hedgehogs then you just need this ceramic hedgehog pencil holder.

The pencil holder is hand made in the USA and looks like an adorable creature and when you put your pens and pencil in it then it really looks like an amazing office animal.

This pencil holder is perfect for on your desk at home or at the office as it besides of being cute it also is great at organizing your pencils.

And besides being great for yourself this also makes for a nice present.

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