buy Hedgehog And Red Balloon T-Shirt

Hedgehog And Red Balloon T-Shirt

If hedgehogs are your kind of animal then you have to check out this super cute women’s t-shirt.

On this t-shirt can see some plants in the background and in front of that mama hedgehog and she is followed by baby hedgehog and the baby also has a red balloon.

The whole design of this t-shirt is cute and fun and as it is available in many colors you can make it perfect for you. And there maybe other styles for men, women, and kids available and you can see all your options by clicking the cute hedgehog t-shirt.

Now you can just enjoy a nice t-shirt with some hedgehogs on it and that is all we need.

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buy Hedgehog Aurora Plush

Hedgehog Aurora Plush

Hedgehog Aurora Plush

Hedgehog’s are adorable cute little animals, who would not want to have one as a pet, or the next best thing an Aurora plush animal pet.

This is a hedgehog that has soft and fuzzy fur with light brown little feet poking out and a light brown face and snout looking adorable making this hedgehog a perfect bed time or travel companion.

You know this hedgehog will be super high quality as it is made by Aurora a trusted plush making company, this hedgehog is bean filled using a double bag to make sure it is durable and long lasting while the outside is super soft for one really cuddly plush animal freind.

Have a closer look at this super cute Hedgehog Aurora Plush.

buy Hedgehog Earrings

Hedgehog Earrings

hedgehog fun jewelry

Are you a animal lover and love to wear different types of jewelry shaped as animals.

Why wear boring old earrings when you can wear these cute hedgehog earrings.

These cute handcrafted pewter hedgehog earrings are in the shape of a cute little hedgehog and has surgical steel for the ear wires.

They are .50 inches in width and .50 inches in height. If you have trouble finding for a gift for someone these cute little hedgehog earrings are prefect for anyone of all ages who loves jewelry and animals.

All eyes will be on you when you go out wearing these adorable Hedgehog Earrings.

buy Hedgehog Throw Pillow

Hedgehog Throw Pillow

If you are looking for a fun pillow with a hedgehog on it that is not prickly like this cute animal then you are in luck.

This throw pillow shows a super cute picture of a hedgehog and not on one but on both sides.

Now you can enjoy this cute animal on your couch, bed or a chair.

And this pillow is available in two sizes 16 x 16 or 18 x 18 inch. And if you are not looking for a pillow but just want a pillow case then that is no problem to as this hedgehog is also available as pillow case.

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buy Cartoon Animal Wrapping Paper

Cartoon Animal Wrapping Paper

Cartoon Animal Wrapping Paper

If you have gifts to wrap then why not get some fun wrapping paper with animals.

This gift wrap has little colorful squares with an animal in each square. They are cartoon animals and that makes this wrapping paper look so much fun.

You can find a dog, chicken, crab, penguin, bee, mole, sheep, hedgehog and ladybug on this animal wrapping paper. And all these animals look super fun. The mole even brought his own shovel and the sheep has a blue coat.

This wrapping paper is great for kids and adult presents and all will smile when they see this super cute animal gift wrap.

Don’t wait just order your own Cartoon Animal Wrapping Paper.

buy Grow a Hedgehog Creativity Kit

Grow a Hedgehog Creativity Kit

Hedhog Chia pet like planter

Does your kids drive you crazy on a rainy or snowy day and there stuck inside the house not able to go outside?

Well, the grow a hedgehog kit would be a perfect activity kit to keep them busy and will be so much fun to do.

This grow a hedgehog activity kit includes a plastic planter in the shape of a cute little hedgehog and comes with paint, a cute red bow, its eyes so you can decorate it yourself.  It also has a plant mister and wheat grass seeds that you can watch grow in 3 to 5 days. And the wealth grass become the spines of the hedgehog.

The hedgehog creativity kit is non breakable and measures 5 1/2 inches L x 4 1/4 W.

Have a fun day of activity’s with your kids and start with this cute Grow a Hedgehog Creativity Kit.