buy Winter Sport Hedgehog T-Shirt

Winter Sport Hedgehog T-Shirt

On this hedgehog t-shirt, you can see a skiing hedgehog and that is something special.

If you like fun t-shirt’s about snow and animals then this is a shirt you should get.

And this skiing hedgehog is just ready for the snow with his red skis and his warm winter hat he is ready to go downhill fast.

You can get this winter sports hedgehog t-shirt in style for both men and women and it is available in many colors and in sizes Small – 6XL.

Going skiing yourself this year? if so wear this t-shirt to show that it may be prickly out there with hedgehogs going down the ski hill.

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buy Ceramic Mug With Hedgehog Inside

Ceramic Mug With Hedgehog Inside

If you like hedgehogs and would like a cute mug then you are in luck as this mug is perfect for you.

The mug on the outside just looks like a plain white ceramic mug but on it the inside you can find a cute hedgehog just sitting there staring up at you.

So if you give someone coffee in the mug the see nothing until they drink enough and then there is the hedgehog staring at them.

The ceramic hedgehog mug is dishwasher and microwave safe so that you can make this your everyday mug at home or the office.

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buy Baby Hedgehog Power Bank

Baby Hedgehog Power Bank

If you like hedgehogs and need power for your smartphone then this hedgehog power bank is what you need.

This is a 10400 mAh power bank and that is enough power to charge your phone a couple of times and even enough to charge a tablet. And this power bank has 3 USB ports so that you can charge multiple devices at once.

On top of the power bank, you find an adorable photo of a baby hedgehog and that makes this the most perfect power bank you have seen.

You can choose to have the power bank shell in white or in black to make it a bit more personal for you.

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buy Hedgehog That Likes Gardening T-Shirt

Hedgehog That Likes Gardening T-Shirt

If you like gardening and hedgehogs then this is the t-shirt for you.

On the t-shirt you can see a hedgehog standing up and wearing shoes and a hat and even some gloves. This happy looking animal is also hoping a potted flower and seems ready to do some gardening.

You can get this hedgehog t-shirt in many styles for men, women and kids and it is made from 100% cotton and is available in many fun colors.

Show the world how cute hedgehogs can be by simply wearing this amazingly fun t-shirt around town or when you do you gardening.

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buy Hedgehog Digital Bathroom Scale

Hedgehog Digital Bathroom Scale

Everyone loves little cute Hedgehogs, so why not have him help you meet your fitness goals every morning on this digital bathroom scale.

The graphic on this digital bathroom scale is a real color photograph of a little hedgehog waiting for you each morning. His little nose is so cute and you can see all his little quills to warn off any predators. The colors will fit any bathroom decor.

This digital bathroom scale measures approximately 12 inches long by 12 inches wide by 1 inch tall. It has an easy to read digital display and a tempered glass platform to give it some durability.

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buy Hedgehog Women’s Gloves

Hedgehog Women’s Gloves

These women’s gloves are perfect for anyone that loves hedgehogs.

The gloves come in khaki or red and have some fur on the back to make it looks like a true hedgehog and has the face with nose and eyes and even it’s ears on it.

Why get cold hands when your hands can look cute and adorable just by wearing these fun gloves.

Sure these gloves are probably not perfect for a ski trip but they could be your go to gloves for everyday use around town and I am sure that people will notice them and smile.

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buy Hedgehog Spiral Notebook

Hedgehog Spiral Notebook

If you need a fun notebook for work, school or just at home then this hedgehog notebook could be just what you need.

The spiral bound notebook shows a picture of a super cute hedgehog on the front an it looks like it needs someone that can take care of it. Maybe it’s even a baby hedgehog.

Inside the notebook you can choose between lined or graph paper.

And the hedgehog notebook has 120 pages to write on and that makes it plenty of space for most things you want to write down.

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buy Woodland Hedgehog Address Labels

Woodland Hedgehog Address Labels

Hedgehog adress label

Address labels are so handy as it has your address on it and that means you don’t have to write it.

These hedgehog address labels are perfect for so many things like as return address labels and to mark everything you own the options are limitless.

On these address labels you find plenty of room for your info and besides that you can see an hedgehog and some things you find in the woods like mushrooms, leaves, acorns and flowers.

And these hedgehog woodland address labels come on sheet of 30 labels and each label is .75 x 2.25 inch.

So if you can use some fun labels then you should check out these Woodland Hedgehog Address Labels.

buy Hedgehog Kids Backpack

Hedgehog Kids Backpack

Hedgehog Kids Backpack

Does you child need a backpack for school?

If they like hedgehogs then this backpack would be perfect.

This backpack is mainly brown and has a hedgehog face on it with on the side you can find some spine’s in green and the front pocket has a fun motive with it’s feet.

Besides the two covert compartments there is also a side pocket for a water bottle or juice pack.

The comfy straps are made for kids so adults are out of luck and yes I know you want this backpack to.

Come and send you child to school with this Hedgehog Kids Backpack.

buy Hedgehog Magnet

Hedgehog Magnet

Hedgehog Magnet

If you like hedgehogs then you just have to check out this hedgehog magnet.

The magnet is square and white and on it you find Fritz the hedgehog.

Fritz has messed up hair and looks so happy to be on this magnet and now he just wants one more thing and that is to live on everyone’s fridge.

The hedgehog magnet is 2.125 x 3.125 inch and is perfect for on any metal surface.

This hedgehog magnet is perfect for keeping those important notes up so that you don’t forget about them.

Give Fritz a home by ordering your own Fritz The Hedgehog Magnet.