buy Hedgehog Digital Bathroom Scale

Hedgehog Digital Bathroom Scale

Everyone loves little cute Hedgehogs, so why not have him help you meet your fitness goals every morning on this digital bathroom scale.

The graphic on this digital bathroom scale is a real color photograph of a little hedgehog waiting for you each morning. His little nose is so cute and you can see all his little quills to warn off any predators. The colors will fit any bathroom decor.

This digital bathroom scale measures approximately 12 inches long by 12 inches wide by 1 inch tall. It has an easy to read digital display and a tempered glass platform to give it some durability.

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buy Many Colorful Dachshund Stickers Page

Many Colorful Dachshund Stickers Page

A great gift idea for those who love dogs, especially dachshunds. It can even be a gift for you. A sticker page full of dachshunds!

There are so many beautiful colors out there to enjoy and this sticker page contains a lot of them. There are many different dachshunds on this sticker page in all sorts of fur colors. There are also bones, dog dishes, balloons and stars to use. It seems like every little bit of the page is being used by a sticker.

This sticker page measures approximately 6.75 inches by 5.75 inches and comes in a packet of one page. It is great for all your scrapbooking, photo frames, home-made gift wrapping or what ever fun crafting idea fills your brain.

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buy Women’s German Shorthaired Tongued Pointer T-Shirt

Women’s German Shorthaired Tongued Pointer T-Shirt

We know you are a dog lover and you are going to add this t-shirt right away to your wardrobe. How could you not? Look at that face! Nothing says love like it.

This t-shirt’s graphic is so simple and will make any one smile as you pass them on the street, in the grocery store or even at work. It is one big image of a German Shorthaired Pointer with a big smile on his face and his tongue wagging out of his mouth. He must be just loving life!

Get this women’s t-shirt now in sizes ranging from XSmall to XL. This can be the greatest gift to yourself or anyone you know. You can choose from 7 different colors to make it your own, so pick your favorite color. The graphic can be printed on the front or the back of this scoop neck t-shirt and don’t forget it is made from 100% cotton. Amazing!

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buy Are You Koala-fied T-Shirt

Are You Koala-fied T-Shirt

What is more fun than an animal on a t-shirt? Your favorite animal all dressed up like a human on a t-shirt. Here it is!

The amazing graphic for this t-shirt is a all grown up Koala Bear who is dressed in a white collared shirt, with a green tie and red suspenders. It looks like he is ready for that big job interview, but is he Koala-fied for the position? Only time will tell, but he is certainly going to make an impression.

This t-shirt is a men’s fitting t-shirt that comes in 2 different colors, all white or a black back and sleeves with a white front. The t-shirt comes in sizes XSmall to 2XL. It is made of 100% cotton and the front is polyester to hold the graphic in all its glory. You can also get the graphic printed on the front or the back for a different look.

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buy Black Moose Head Portrait Ladies T-Shirt

Black Moose Head Portrait Ladies T-Shirt

If you are a fan of moose and may not have seen one in the wild or at the zoo. This is a t-shirt that you will love and continue to wear over and over again until you see that mysterious mammal.

This t-shirt features one big moose head on the front of the t-shirt. It looks as though it has been drawn with a pencil right on to the t-shirt. It is detailed with great shadowing. He had large antlers on his head and it almost looks like he is smiling right at you. Maybe it was a big moose selfie.

This Moose t-shirt comes in women’s sizes ranging from Small to 3XL. It is so plain and simple, but you have 8 different colors to choose from to make it a t-shirt to love each time you wear it. It is made from 100% cotton and has double hemmed sleeves and bottom for added durability.

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buy Busy Bumblebee Leggings

Busy Bumblebee Leggings

Look no further for the insect leggings of your dreams. These busy bumblebee leggings are sure to please even those who don’t like honey.

The leggings are a bright white to start. Then there are massive bees all over the place. Black and yellow, black and yellow. With all this buzzing there is no way to sit still in these leggings. Let’s get up and move!

These vibrant leggings come in sizes XXSmall up to XL. These leggings come with a stretch waistband for added comfort and the print is featured all over the leggings front and back. So cool!

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buy Blue Sky Butterfly Tree Skirt

Blue Sky Butterfly Tree Skirt

Ever want to change your holiday experience into something unique and out of the ordinary? Then you can get this Blue Sky Butterfly Tree Skirt to achieve it.

The background of this tree skirt is a blue sky with fluffy clouds. On top of the background are numerous brightly colored butterflies all over. Yellows, blues, oranges and so much more will brighten your holiday experience.

This beautiful butterfly tree skirt measures 44 inches in diameter, so it is a perfect size. It is made to compliment any type and size of tree. It is made of 100% brushed polyester, so it is durable and soft to the touch. It is new way of creating a different type of holiday setting.

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buy Giraffe Plush Kids Boots

Giraffe Plush Kids Boots

Giraffes are amazing animals and many little ones love their long necks and long tongues. Now they can share their love with these great boots.

They are yellow and brown to make up the pattern of the giraffe’s skin. They have some brown yarn on the back of the boot to make up the mane. The toes of the boot is the giraffe’s nose and mouth. He has two white and black eyes and two little ears. He is a happy giraffe.

Made by EMU Australia, these plush boots will keep your little ones feet warm indoors or outdoors. They come in sizes ranging from 8 toddler, 11 little kid and up to a 4 in big kids. They have rubber soles for traction, and are lined with Australian sheep skin for warmth and comfort.  Their outsides are made from suede and are double-stitched for durability.

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buy Three Penguins Hot Pink Tree Skirt

Three Penguins Hot Pink Tree Skirt

Add some pink to your holiday season with this adorable hot pink tree skirt with 3 little penguins.

This tree skirt is super duper colorful. It is bright hot pink with blue, white, orange and dark pink snowflakes. The cutest three penguins are on the front center. It looks like a dad penguin with a blue scarf on. The mother penguin is wearing her orange and pink earmuffs. Finally, the little penguin has his orange and yellow beanie on and some blue mittens.

You can get this tree skirt in 3 different kinds of fabric, 100% brushed polyester, faux linen and coral fleece. It measures 44 inches in diameter, so it will have enough room for Santa to place your gifts under the tree.

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buy Funny Bunny Selfie T-Shirt

Funny Bunny Selfie T-Shirt

This cartooned graphic could be a fan of an alligator or a bunny, but a funny bunny selfie t-shirt could be for anyone.

Imagine an over sized alligator just minding his own business and along comes a little bunny. As the alligator opens his mouth, the bunny jumps in and attempts to get the perfect selfie. I sure hope he succeeded and didn’t become that alligator’s lunch.

This t-shirt has 10 different colors to enjoy as the background like ice blue and silver. It comes in a unisex fit from sizes Small to 6XL. The t-shirt is also made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton, so you know it will fit throughout its lifetime.

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