buy Leopard Print Christmas Tree Skirt

Leopard Print Christmas Tree Skirt

If you love Christmas just as much as you love big cats especially leopards, then you are going to be the first in line to get this Leopard Print Christmas tree skirt.

The color of this Christmas tree skirt is your typical yellow background with brown and black spots that you would find on any leopard. It is a large circle that will fit around any type of Christmas tree you wish to use.

This Christmas tree skirt measures 44 inches in diameter and is made of brushed polyester to make it soft and furry. Don’t worry about any fasteners, snaps or velcro to keep it closed. It has an easy closure.

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buy Turtles Rock Ornament

Turtles Rock Ornament

Reptiles can be the cutest things out there and this ornament will prove that to you immediately. It is a little turtle that is full of smiles and will make you smile right along with him.

This is a circular ornament has a background of grey with a bunch of white hearts all over the place in different sizes. At the top of the ornament there is green writing saying “Turtles Rock!” in an arc pattern. There is then a cute little turtle who is rocking on his back. His shell is light green with brown spots. His legs, tail, neck and head is a bit darker green and his mouth is a light green like his shell. Aww, so cute.

The size of the ornament is approximately 2.9 inches and is made of white ceramic. It includes a gold ribbon to put through the hole to hang up on your tree or anywhere else you would like to. You decide.

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buy It’s A Whale Of A Container

It’s A Whale Of A Container

Looking for a container to keep some knick knacks in? Get this large water mammal to help you out!

This beautiful container is shaped like a sperm whale. He is lying on his stomach and has his tail straight into the air. The top of his head is what you lift up to create the container. He even has a smile, he is so happy to keep your things safe inside him.

This whale container is made of ceramic. The container measuresĀ 9 inches by 4 inches by 4 inches. It is white in color so it will fit in any decor in any room of your house, office or where ever you would like to keep it.

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buy Colorful Owl And Branch Women’s T-Shirt

Colorful Owl And Branch Women’s T-Shirt

If you are looking for an everyday t-shirt to wear while running errands, going to the gym, or out to the movies then this t-shirt might be for you. If you are a lover of owls then it is the t-shirt for you.

The color of this t-shirt is a beautiful coral color and the graphic is screen printed on this t-shirt. It starts with a tree branch that has blossoming flowers of red and yellow. Then there is an amazing and detailed owl sitting on the branch. This owl boasts reds, browns, yellows and whites to make for a graphic that is so appealing to the eyes. This t-shirt will turn heads.

This t-shirt comes in women’s sizes Small to 4XL. It features a scoop neck and it is longer in the torso. It is made of a cotton blend that is soft and moves with your every move. Use your owl to keep yourself hooting all day.

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buy Little Wooden Pull Dachshund Necklace

Little Wooden Pull Dachshund Necklace

If you are a fan of dogs and even retro toy dogs, then you might have an affinity to this necklace.

The necklace has a gold colored chain that hangs on to a cute little dachshund puppy. One end of the chain is attached to his nose and the other end is attached to his tail. He has two red wheels and a little white bone hanging from his mouth. His body is a light brown wood color and his little moving ear is a dark brown.

This necklace has a chain that measures approximately 20 inches in length and the pendant of the dog measures 2 inches by 1.25 inches. It is made of wood, metal and plastic. The body of the dachshund is made of wood. The wheels, bone and his ear are made of plastic. The necklace, rings and the pins are made of metal.

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buy A Cup Of Kitty Love T-Shirt

A Cup Of Kitty Love T-Shirt

If you need a little pick me up in the morning, afternoon or night, this little cup of love t-shirt will get you smiling right away.

This t-shirt is amazing! The background is a beautiful aqua blue color with a green tea cup with the word love written in white, with a heart replacing the letter “o”. Inside that tea cup is a oh so cute kitten who is wearing glasses. Are you kidding? How cute is that?

This t-shirt comes in a women’s fit and is made from 100%cotton and is soft to the touch.

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buy Rhinoceros Magnetic Key Chain Holder

Rhinoceros Magnetic Key Chain Holder

Keep yourself organized with this great metal rhinoceros magnetic key chain that attaches itself to a plaque that you can place anywhere you want.

The plaque look like any type of trophy plaque with a magnet in the middle. The metal rhinoceros head is the key chain with a ring through its nose. The head attaches to the plaque to look like a trophy and to keep your keys in the right place.

This unique rhino key chain comes in two pieces. The plaque that you can put where ever you would like to hang your keys and the key chain itself. The plaque measures 1.5 inches by 1.25 inches and is made of beechwood and includes a magnet. The key chain measures 1 inch by 1 inch by 1 inch and is made of metal.

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buy Christmas Giraffe Travel Mug

Christmas Giraffe Travel Mug

Who wouldn`t want to have a cute cartoon type of travel mug featuring a giraffe in the holiday mood? Maybe you can be the first.

This travel mug’s background is white. But then there is a colorful cartoon image that will make you smile. It is a yellow and brown long necked giraffe who sitting down and wearing a Santa hat. Silly giraffe! He is then hanging on to a large green present wrapped with a large red bow. I wonder what is in it for him.

This travel mug holds 15 ounces of fluid, so you will have enough to last you a while. It is insulated steel with a removable lid. The best feature is that it is dishwasher safe.

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buy Full Moon Space Sloths T-Shirt

Full Moon Space Sloths T-Shirt

Been looking for a new t-shirt for that animal lover you know? This Full Moon Space Sloths T-Shirt is just the t-shirt you have been looking for.

The graphic on this t-shirt will melt your heart. The background features a full moon and stars in a galaxy. In the foreground there are three adorable faces of sloths. They just never stop smiling!

This t-shirt is made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton and is ready to last and last. It comes in sizes ranging from Small all the way up to 6XL. This will cover all the sloth fans in your life. Even better there are many colors to choose from for the full t-shirt color.

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buy Raccoon Salt And Pepper Shakers

Raccoon Salt And Pepper Shakers

Let’s get shaking with some new salt and pepper shakers. These little creatures are ready to be the talk of the table when they show up at your house.

These raccoons are ready to take care of your spicing needs at the kitchen table or on the stove. They are perfectly posed. One looks like he is waving at you with a cute smile on his face. The other one is looking off into the distance with his hands crossed.

These raccoon salt and pepper shakers are made from ceramic and measure approximately 3.75 inches tall and 2.25 inches wide.

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