buy Are You Koala-fied T-Shirt

Are You Koala-fied T-Shirt

Are You Koala-fied T-Shirt

What is more fun than an animal on a t-shirt? Your favorite animal all dressed up like a human on a t-shirt. Here it is!

The amazing graphic for this t-shirt is a all grown up Koala Bear who is dressed in a white collared shirt, with a green tie and red suspenders. It looks like he is ready for that big job interview, but is he Koala-fied for the position? Only time will tell, but he is certainly going to make an impression.

This t-shirt is a men’s fitting t-shirt that comes in 2 different colors, all white or a black back and sleeves with a white front. The t-shirt comes in sizes XSmall to 2XL. It is made of 100% cotton and the front is polyester to hold the graphic in all its glory. You can also get the graphic printed on the front or the back for a different look.

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