buy Women’s Leopard Print Combat Boots

Women’s Leopard Print Combat Boots

If you like animal prints and would like some fun looking combat style boots then you are in luck.

These women’s shoes have a leopard print and are cute combat style boots with a sweater top for an extra fun detail and even a hidden pocket for some cash or a credit card.

And if you don’t like the leopard print then you are in luck as these women’s boots also come in zebra print and many other colors including pink.

You can get these cute boots in sizes 5 – 13 and many half sizes are available to.

Even the bottom looks like a combat boot as the sole has lots of traction witch is great when you need it.

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buy Giraffe Plush Kids Boots

Giraffe Plush Kids Boots

Giraffes are amazing animals and many little ones love their long necks and long tongues. Now they can share their love with these great boots.

They are yellow and brown to make up the pattern of the giraffe’s skin. They have some brown yarn on the back of the boot to make up the mane. The toes of the boot is the giraffe’s nose and mouth. He has two white and black eyes and two little ears. He is a happy giraffe.

Made by EMU Australia, these plush boots will keep your little ones feet warm indoors or outdoors. They come in sizes ranging from 8 toddler, 11 little kid and up to a 4 in big kids. They have rubber soles for traction, and are lined with Australian sheep skin for warmth and comfort.  Their outsides are made from suede and are double-stitched for durability.

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buy Kids Ladybug Plush Boots

Kids Ladybug Plush Boots

With the cold chilly weather you need to protect with the finest of warm boots but also look stylish at the same time, here is a great pair of boots to get that done.

This is a pair of boots that are made to look like a ladybug, a red boot with black dots and the toe is black with eyes making it look like the ladybug head.

A very high quality plush boot that features a soft suede outter shell with a manmade rubber outter sole with grip and the inside will keep your foot extremely warm as it is made from plush sheepskin and is the finest lining around.

Available in a wide selection of toddler and kids sizes that range from toddler 1 years up to kids 8 years.

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