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Shark Bite Blanket

Have you ever just wanted to cuddle and snuggle up with a shark. Well now it is possible and safe with a very fun and great looking blanket.

The shark blanket is just like a cozy sleeping bag, you just slip inside and it looks like you are in the jaws of a giant shark

With lots of detail find a top and side fins, eyes and tail fins that allow you to slip your feet right into the depths of the shark tail.

Made to be super soft and comfortable it is the perfect blanket to keep you warm and snug but not too hot. It measures 24 inches in width and 56 inches in length.

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buy Shark Sleeping Bag

Shark Sleeping Bag

Shark Sleeping Bag

Ouch! That doesn’t look like a very good sleep.

Well you may be surprised, this is a shark sleeping bag that looks like you are being eaten by a shark, it will most definitely swallow children whole and may spare the head of some larger adults.

With great detail you will find teeth, eyes and fins all on a super soft plush material and measures a whopping 7  feet long. Handmade and very warm and comfortable.

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