buy The Beagles T-Shirt

The Beagles T-Shirt

Now there is this funny The Beagles T-Shirt.

If you like the Beatles and beagles then this is the t-shirt for you as it shows the famous Abbey Road crosswalk but this time it is not the Beatles crossing the road, this time there are 4 beagles in suits crossing the crosswalk and then on top of it all it says “The Beagles”.

You can get this funny dog t-shirt in styles for both men and women and it comes in a bunch of colors and in sizes Small – 10XL.

We can all use a funny t-shirt and this one will make people smile and do a double take when they look at you t-shirt.

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buy Beagle Lunch Box

Beagle Lunch Box

If you like a cute lunch box then check out this personalized beagle lunch box.

This lunch box is made by Yubo and is BPA free and includes a sandwich box, ice pack, and two snack boxes that all fit perfectly inside the box and it is all dishwasher safe (with the exception of the face plates).

On the front the lunch box shows cute paw prints in the background and on top an adorable kawaii style beagle pup. On the back you will find the same paw prints and a big bone and in the bone it says you name so that you or your child never has to loose the lunchbox again.

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buy Beagle Salt And Pepper Shaker Set

Beagle Salt And Pepper Shaker Set

This Beagle salt and pepper shaker set is all a dog owner wants for spicing up their food.

The set has two ceramic dogs with little magnets in their noses so that they stay together like they are kissing. And the dogs of course are beagles and just look cute on a dinning table or in the kitchen.

Now you can just have salt and pepper ready when ever you need as the beagles are ready to add the spice to you food.

No more boring plain salt and pepper shakers because your can now look like cute beagles.

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buy Beagle Wearing Glasses Spiral Notebook

Beagle Wearing Glasses Spiral Notebook

Beagle Wearing Glasses Spiral Notebook

Some dogs are smarter then others but the beagle on this notebook really looks smart. As you can see the dog on the cover of this spiral bound notebook is wearing glasses while staring straight ahead like he is busy thinking about something.

In side the dog notebook you find 80 lined pages that can hold anything you like. Notes, school work or maybe as work notebook the options are limitless you could even write down all the smart things your dog did.

The spiral notebook is 6.5 x 8.75 inch and that is just the perfect size for so many occasions.

Come and take a closer look at this Beagle Wearing Glasses Notebook.

buy Beagle Wool Christmas Ornament

Beagle Wool Christmas Ornament

Beagle Wool Christmas Ornament

This Christmas ornament is specially made for people that like dogs and maybe specially those who like beagles as this ornament looks like a beagle.

This tree ornament is made from recycled wool and is handmade and that all did not make it more expensive then a plastic ornament.

As you can see above the dog looks like a beagle with the right colors and the floppy ears.

If you have an ornament for your kids in the tree then why not one for the dog as he is part of the family to.

Get ready to decorate the tree and find a special spot for this Beagle Christmas Ornament.

buy Beagle T-Shirt

Beagle T-Shirt

Beagle women's t-shirt

Beagles are gentle, excitable, intelligent and determined type of dog.

If you love beagles then this special beagle t-shirt is perfect for you.

This multi colored snuggle time beagle t-shirt features a cute brown and white beagle laying down on a pillow looking up with his sweet face and floppy ears.

It a tagless t-shirt that is made with a eco water based dye process witch makes the photo become a permanent part of the shirt and come to life.

Give this beagle t-shirt to someone you know who love beagles. They come is a wide variety of women’s sizes from X-Small to 4XL.

Have some snuggle time with your beagle while wearing this special Beagle T-Shirt.

buy Beagle Magnetic Notepad

Beagle Magnetic Notepad

Beagle Pag shaped Magnetic Notepad

Do you always have a hard time remember Doctors, dentist, or even things from the grocery store? If you do the Beagle magnetic notepad is the item for you.

This dog notepad is die cut in the shape of a paw, lined super sticky notepad, that includes 50 sheets of adhesive paper, and only 5″ x 4.75″ in size. The perfect size to stick on your refrigerator and don’t take up much space.

So if you are a dog lover this will be great for you. Help yourself remember your things on your to do list on a daily basis with this Beagle Magnetic Notepad.

buy Beagle Breed Bobblehead

Beagle Breed Bobblehead

Beagle dog Bobblehead

Hey Beagle lovers! What a great idea for a memento. This little guy will capture your heart when he bobbles his head on your car dash, your office desk, or bedroom table.

The exquisite quality of this hand painted, four and a quarter inch tall resin pet will ensures that this gift will be well received by any dog owner, breeder, lover or aficionado.

Take one home today!  You know you want this “doggy in the window”!
So lets not wait just get your own Beagle Bobblehead.

buy Beagle Luggage Tag

Beagle Luggage Tag

A beagle luggage tag that is not only fun but also very useful.

This luggage tag is shaped just like your favorite dog the beagle.

The tag is cute and that makes it perfect for your suitcase and also makes that one more easy to find in a crowd of bags at the airport. But you can hang it on almost anything from your backpack for school to your yoga bag.

On the inside of this beagle luggage tag, you can find the standard address card to make it easy for people to return your bag if it would get lost.

If a dog luggage tag is on your list of must-have items.

Get your Beagle Luggage Tag

buy Beagle Face T-Shirt

Beagle Face T-Shirt

Beagle Face T-Shirt

If you like dogs and specially a beagle then this t-shirt will make you smile.

As you can see above the t-shirt is coverd with the cute face of the beagle.

So if you like to have a huge picture of a dog on your chest then this is definitly the shirt to get.

And this t-shirt comes in a wide selection of adult sizes so that it will fit you perfectly.

Come and have a closer look at this Beagle T-Shirt.