buy Fox Plans For World Domination Journal

Fox Plans For World Domination Journal

Fox ring bound journal

If you are looking for the perfect journal to plan world domination then you found it.

This ring bound notebook shows on the cover a picture of a fox holding the earth and above it the world “Journal” is scratch out and below it in newspaper letters it now says “Plans for world Domination”.

The journal has 160 pages witch comes in blank, lined, grid or task so that you can get the perfect notebook for you.

Maybe you can help this red fox plan his plan to take over the world or maybe it is just for your plan.

Come get your own Fox Plans For World Domination Journal.

buy Beagle Magnetic Notepad

Beagle Magnetic Notepad

Beagle Pag shaped Magnetic Notepad

Do you always have a hard time remember Doctors, dentist, or even things from the grocery store? If you do the Beagle magnetic notepad is the item for you.

This dog notepad is die cut in the shape of a paw, lined super sticky notepad, that includes 50 sheets of adhesive paper, and only 5″ x 4.75″ in size. The perfect size to stick on your refrigerator and don’t take up much space.

So if you are a dog lover this will be great for you. Help yourself remember your things on your to do list on a daily basis with this Beagle Magnetic Notepad.

buy Owl Notepad

Owl Notepad

owl notepad

Who ever has enough notepads?

Big owl eyes stare back at you from this owl note pad providing 50 sheets for doodling fun.

The size of this notepad is 7.6 x 6 x 0.3 inches, and can fit in a backpacks, briefcase or on your counter quite nicely.

Be sure to remember the collector, the birthdays coming up and the many places in your home that could use this helpful owl notepad. And this notepad is even shaped like an owl.

If you like cute owl things then you just have to have this Owl Shaped Notepad.