buy Artsy Grizzly Bear T-Shirt

Artsy Grizzly Bear T-Shirt

Now you can have this Artsy Grizzly Bear T-Shirt.

On the shirt you can see a big and bulky grizzly bear but this bear looks special as there are fun colors all over it’s body and that makes this an artsy shirt.

And this bear t-shirt is available in style for both men and women and comes in sizes Small – 6XL and is available in many colors.

I love bears and having seen grizzly bears in the wild a couple times make me really appreciate this amazing looking shirt design.

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buy Grizzly Bear T-Shirt

Grizzly Bear T-Shirt

If you like bears then you should get this grizzly bear t-shirt.

The bear t-shirt is available in navy blue and in black and it comes in men and women’s style and in sizes, Small – 6XL and all are made from 100% cotton.

On the dark t-shirt, you can find a big bear just staring at people in front of you and that would keep them at safe distance. As you can see the bear is huge and looks kinda of intimidating.

If you want an amazing shirt with a giant bear then don’t hesitate and get this grizzly bear t-shirt.

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buy Grizzly Bear Neck Tie

Grizzly Bear Neck Tie

If you like bears and need a nice tie for that suit you have to wear then this grizzly bear neck tie is what you want.

And this is not one of those ties that are covered in the same image, this tie has a grizzly bear on the end and it is part of a nice landscape that takes up the whole tie and goes lighter to the top. You have to see the whole thing so click on the picture above to do so.

No more boring plain ties for you because you can have a big brown grizzly bear on yours.

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buy Grizzly Bear Wrapping Paper

Grizzly Bear Wrapping Paper

Grizzly Bear Happy Birthday Gift wrap

This is special gift wrap for wrapping those really special presents.

On the wrapping paper you can see a mommy grizzly bear and two cubs and besides that there will be text but you can decided what it says (at no extra cost).

Maybe yours will say “Happy Birthday” or maybe “Happy Holidays” the options are limited only by your imagination.

You can get this grizzle bear gift wrap in all kind of sizes so that you can get what you really need.

And personalized gift wrap makes giving and getting presents even more special so I would say come check out this Grizzly Bear Wrapping Paper.

buy Grizzly Bear Table Lamp

Grizzly Bear Table Lamp

Grizzly Bear Table Lamp With Forest Shade

Cabins or normal rustic homes can all use a lamp with a bear on it.

And this table lamp has the bear and the shade.

The lamp is 24 inch tall and the base has a standing grizzly bear on it with a light colored shade on it that shows the tops of the trees of the forest. All that makes this just a great looking lamp.

Living room or bedroom this lamp just is perfect for anyone that loves natures and bears.

The bear lamp can hold a lightbulb up to 45 watt and will be perfect as an accent lamp.

Come and take a closer look at this Grizzly Bear Table Lamp With Forest Shade.

buy Grizzly Bear Shower Curtain

Grizzly Bear Shower Curtain

The grizzly bear is fierce, strong and big, it also is really large and furry. If you are looking to complete an outdoor themed bathroom or a bear themed bathroom the grizzly bear shower curtain is perfect.

On this shower curtain you will find a very large grizzly bear that has great details making him look mean, just look at that face and giant claws. In the background you will find a beautiful scenic picture with mountains, lake, trees and flowers.

This grizzly bear shower curtain has pre cut holes to easily loop and fasten to most standard shower curtain rods, it also fits most standard size tubs and showers.

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buy Grizzly Bear Golf Club Head Cover

Grizzly Bear Golf Club Head Cover

You next round of golf will be different because you friends that join you for that round will be a bit more careful around you.

Yes it probably is because of this grizzly bear golf club head cover that protects you club from damage and looks amazing.

And as most people are afraid of bears this head cover may give you the upper hand.

The club cover rid brown with the head of a grizzly and he is showing his teeth so he will protect that club.

The head cover fits a club up to a 460cc driver and also make clubs easier to find.

Get your Grizzly Bear Golf Club Head Cover

buy Grizzly Bear Pen Holder

Grizzly Bear Pen Holder

Grizzly Bear Pen Holder

So you have that nice desk but always loose your pens while working.

That can now be a thing of the past with his grizzly bear pen holder.

The pen holder has a nice wooden base with on it a grizzly bear figurine and besides the bear a nice pen.

You can use the gold tone pen when you are writing and then put it back in the nice holder when you are done. Never do you have to look for a pen again because the bear will watch over it.

Working on your desk becomes extra nice when you have this Grizzly Bear Pen Holder.

buy Grizzly Bear Slippers

Grizzly Bear Slippers

Grizzly Bear paw Slippers

Winter is upon us and that means cold feet while walking around the house.

So some animal slippers would be great. Of course no real animals where hurt in making these slippers!

These brown slippers look like a grizzly bear paw and that means that now you can be the strong and mighty bear in your home.

And bear slippers of course give you the right to hibernate when ever you feel like.

So get warm and sleepy by wearing these fun Grizzly Bear Paw Slippers.