buy Neon Tiger Coin Wallet

Neon Tiger Coin Wallet

Now there is this Neon Tiger Coin Wallet that will look great in your bag and is great at holding your cash.

Most wallets are not made to hold you loose coins but this tiger wallet is all ready for that.

The snap wallet is black with on it a cool images of a tiger with really neat colors all over the big cat.

And besides coins it can hold paper money too and even a credit card and maybe you lipstick and that makes it into a really small purse that looks amazing.

Stop having loose coins everywhere because this tiger coin purse is made to save them from getting lost.

Get your Neon Tiger Coin Wallet

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buy Sneaky Cat Wallet

Sneaky Cat Wallet

If you need room to store cards and money then check out this Sneaky Cat Wallet.

This wallet is gold and black and it shows a cat just sneakily looking at you from the inside.

Inside the wallet there is plenty of room for your cards and cash.

If you like cats and shopping then now you can take this cat on your next shopping spree.

And as the wallet has a zipper to close you never have to worry about stuff falling out of your new wallet.

Get your Sneaky Cat Wallet

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buy Bald Eagle Stars And Stripes Flag Men’s Wallet

Bald Eagle Stars And Stripes Flag Men’s Wallet

Bald eagle USA flag wallet

This 100%  leather men’s wallet is great to show your patriotism.

The black bifold wallet shows a picture of the American Stars And Stripes flag with in front of that a picture of a bald eagle.

Inside the wallet has plenty of space and it can hold up to 6 card and one card slot has a clear window for you ID.

Now you money can be secure in a nice leather wallet with your favorite flag and an amazing bird on it.

Let a bald eagle watch over your wallet with this Bald Eagle Stars And Stripes Flag Men’s Wallet.

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buy Black Wolf Wallet

Black Wolf Wallet

Black Gazing Wolf Wallet

Bifold wallets are a great way to carry around a lot of stuff like money and cards but those leather wallets can end up being big and bulky.

Luckily for you there now is an amazing looking wolf wallet that only takes a fraction of the same space as it is made from super strong Tyvek.

On the outside of this black wallet you can see the face of a wolf and he is staring right through you and this image can be found on both sides of the wallet.

On the inside there is 6 card slots and a bill pocket just like most bifold wallets. But because this wolf wallet is made  from Tyvek it can actually expand so that It can hold more stuff.

If you like a small strong wallet with room to grow then come check out this Black Bifold Wolf Wallet.

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buy Giraffe womens wallet

Giraffe womens wallet

Giraffe women's wallet

Did you know that a giraffe is the tallest animal on earth.

If you have a love for giraffes this cool looking women’s wallet would be a great choice for you.

This really cute designed giraffe wallet holds up to 11 cards and has a clear ID holder.

Its a black wallet with a beautiful design of a cute giraffe head and his long neck eating a leaf. Also on the back features a giraffe print up corner of the wallet.

The interior as a zip change pocket and closes with a magnetic snap button in the shape of a leaf.

Keep your money safe in this fun and beautiful Giraffe Women’s Wallet.

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Frog Coin Purse

Frog Coin Purse wallet like Naruto uses

How about a cute coin purse in the shape of a frog?

This is not just a cute frog wallet no this is also a replica of the coin purse Naruto uses and it is an officiallly licenced Naruto product.

When you open the snap closer you get to see the red inside where you money can live a save life far away from cash registers.

So if you like frogs or Naruto then come see the Naruto Frog Wallet.

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Elephant Mighty Wallet

Elephant wanting to be a cowboy wallet

This little elephant wants to become a cowboy and that is why this wallet is called “Be wary of Elephants that try to be Cowboys”.

Ingrid Mourreau designed this the graphics for this elephant wallet.

And this is not just a pretty wallet with and elephant no this is a Mighty Wallet.

This wallet is extremly strong, light, waterproof and has amazing room to store your belongings.

There are two compartments for bills and two for cards (witch can hold multiple cards) and a big tube like compartment going over the whole lenghth of the wallet and that can hold old kind of things maybe business cards or a drawing.

Mighty Wallets are made out of 25% recycled material and the wallet can be recycled 100% so this wallet is even good for the environment.

If you want an elephant wallet that is amazing and looks super then come see the Elephant Mighty Wallet.

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