buy Giraffe Beach Towel

Giraffe Beach Towel

Giraffe Beach Towel

It doesn’t matter if you are young or old this purple beach towel is for all ages.

On this beach towel you can see a big picture of a giraffe and this animal is wearing rollerblade. Just the thought of a giraffe on rollerblades make me laugh and this towel does that to.

Besides the rollerblades the giraffe also has flowers on his tail and one is it’s mouth.

With all that giraffe fun on a towel you just wished you had one sooner. And a towel like this is great for the beach or for the bath. The giraffe towel is 30 x 62 inch the perfect size for most towel needs.

Come and take a closer look at this Giraffe On Rollerblade Towel.

buy Peacock Beach Towel

Peacock Beach Towel

Peacock Beach Towel

When you go to the beach or pool then you want a fun towel.

This beach towel is different and looks stunning.

No boring stripes of just plain color on this towel no this towel shows you a peacock with all it’s feathers. Lots of color and a amazing design that would make people look and think where did they get that amazing towel from.

A big peacock like this is amazing and having it on a towel makes it even better.

This peacock towel is 30 x 62 inch and will quickly become the most loved towel you own.

Don’t wait come and get your own Peacock Beach Towel.

buy Panda Hooded Towel

Panda Hooded Towel

Panda Hooded Towel

A normal towel works when drying your kid after a bath but a hooded towel is so much easier.
Just put the hood on the little one and now you can start drying and the kid stays warm to.

This towel is a panda hooded towel and that means that the hood has a cute panda face on it with ears that stick out.

With a 40 x 30 inch size that towel is nice a big and super absorbent so that drying your kids becomes fun again.

Bathing time was never so much fun then with a panda towel with a build in hood.

Come and check out this Panda Hooded Towel.