buy Women’s Cow Costume T-Shirt

Women’s Cow Costume T-Shirt

cute cow costume t-shirt

A cow design a t-shirt can easily and happily be worn every day!!

The rounded neck t-shirt has the ‘cow bell’ pictured just be low the neckline; nice and bright gold coloured bell at that.  With a white body to the back ground of this t-shirt and black cow- like design markings throughout, this t shirt is uniquely cow.

The cut of the t-shirt suits a women’s junior body type and is available in sizes small thru 2XL. Double stitching on the hem, neckline and sleeves ensure a long lasting garment that is best washed on cold first time to set colour. Made of 100% cotton this cow t-shirt can be used as an everyday t-shirt or as part of a costume for dress up.

Add this cow design t-shirt to the must have list and get ready for the compliments. So don’t wait any longer just come get your Women’s Cow Costume T-Shirt.

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buy Alphabet Alligator Puzzle

Alphabet Alligator Puzzle

kids wooden alligator puzzle

Someone would enjoy an alphabet puzzle that looks like an alligator.

Viewing this puzzle from the side, we see a happy big alligator smile, with a red tongue showing between white teeth. Just above is a smiley eye, black and clear ready to help learn the alphabet.

This puzzle is made out of wood, has 26 pieces with easy to grasp knobs on each piece. Bold black lettering on each piece itself is ‘upper case’ and below where the pieces fit, black and bold lower case to assist the learner in getting the alphabet memorized quickly and easily.

We see four legs on this puzzle and of course and alligator tail sweeping up all ready to play. This alphabet puzzles is perfectly sized for toddlers from about 3 years and up it is a portable size at 19.5″ X 11.75 ” and can is easily be toted around.

Do consider this alligator puzzle to assist kids in learning the alphabet easily while having a fun time too.

Don’t wait add an alligator to your home with this Alphabet Alligator Jigsaw Puzzle.

buy Hedgehog Roll Around Toy

Hedgehog Roll Around Toy

Cute hedgehog baby toy
Roly-poly round toddler toy is made to look like a Hedge Hog with a bright blue body.

Top of this cute toddler toy has a small set of red bangs that invariably end up being chewed upon by teething little children and have been created soft enough to do so.

This hedgehog toy has a cute heart shaped face had black eyes and nose and a set of well affixed arms that clasp holding a couple of plastic beads to rattle, just for fun.

This round ball shaped toss-able toy is a perfect size for 3 month old children  and older  ( 6.5 x 3.5 x 4.8 “) and has many cut out spots for grabbing and maneuvering to encourage manual dexterity.

This hedgehog round toddler toy is BPA free, and PVC and phalate free and is cleaned with a rinse in warm water and a wipe dry.

Made of silicone soft rubber, the HedgeHog toddler toy is sure to be a favorite and is able to be tested and tossed and loved all in the same day by a lucky little owner.

Get your newborn this cute Hedgehog Toy.

buy Tropical Fish Women’s Leggings

Tropical Fish Women’s Leggings

Tropical sea life leggings

The tropical ocean leggings that are super comfy, form fitting and multicoloured match any outfit.

The fish leggings are made from a spandex and polyester blend allow the fabric to hug the skin and cozy to ankle length. Easy care by hand washing, first time in cold to ‘set’ the colour , and  subsequently hang  to dry.

The stretch fit will allow the ‘marine world’ design and ocean blue background to look smashing as these leggings accompany any fashion occasion. One size fits all and make for a perfect travel accessory and allow leggings to be worn by all  body types and sizes.

These leggings are bright enough to be cheerful while still being fun to wear. So if you want tropical fish on your legs then check out these fun Marine World Leggings.

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buy Dolphin Wine Bottle Holder

Dolphin Wine Bottle Holder

Dolphin Wine Bottle Holder

Dolphin wine bottle holder will hold a bottle perfectly for you while you get a glass.

The dolphin is made of a poly resin, the body is hand painted with life like detail making it whimsical and cute at the same time.

A dolphin that can steadily hold an average 750 ml bottle of your choice of beverage, this bottle holder will display nicely on the bar top or a table top. The dolphin bottle holder is sitting way back with the bottle resting on his flipper tail in the air.

See how many compliments you get from visitors as you use your Dolphin bottle holder, this may turn out to be the focus of your entertaining!!

Move that wine bottle from the shelve and put it in this adorable Dolphin Wine Bottle Holder.

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buy Duck Toilet Paper Holder

Duck Toilet Paper Holder

Mallard Duck Toilet Paper Holder

A toilet tissue holder that looks like a mallard duck is just the answer for a humdrum bathroom.

Standing 21.5inches tall, this duck toilet paper holder is 5 lbs in weight, and is 10 X 11 inches round , made of ‘poly resin’.

The head of this duck is emerald green color and the chest is brown with white belly to the underside.

The duck toilet paper holder is also uniquely banded around his ankle so as to give a very life like impression.

There are no rules to how this charming and cheeky duck paper roll dispenser can be used. So dress up the washroom at home or at the cabin with this Mallard Duck Toilet Paper Holder.

buy Forest Wolf Women’s T-Shirt

Forest Wolf Women’s T-Shirt

Forest green wolf t-shirt for women

Detailed wolf t-shirt with the backdrop of the dark forest will look gorgeous on
any person wearing this.

Made from 95% micro fibre and 5% spandex, this t-shirt gives and forms with
comfortable softness. Easy care, wash/tumble dry or hang to dry, the cold water
wash cycle is preferred. The environmentally safe method of water dyeing
prevents fading and cracking of the design of the lone hunter wolf on this

The scoop neck design and mid shoulder arm length ensure easy on/off wear whether it is worn casually or to complement a more specific outfit.

Please select from women’s size Small thru 4XL and note the back side of this
t-shirt has a full and beautiful lone wolf imprint as perfect as the front.

Why not add a wolf to your wardrobe with this Forest Wolf Women’s T-Shirt.

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buy Bald Eagle And The American Flag Shower Curtain

Bald Eagle And The American Flag Shower Curtain

Bald Eagle And The American Flag Shower Curtain

This Shower curtain will keep the floor nice and dry as well as display a patriotic American spirit.

The shower curtain size is quite ample at 69″ X 70″ and has reinforced eyelets stitched into softly polyester.

Printed on the surface of the curtain is a bright and colorful American flag as the backdrop and a bald eagle displayed proudly in front.

A shower curtain with a bald Eagle and American flag will look good in any bathroom too, colorful is best and this one is certainly colorful.

So if you like the stars and stripes and eagles then you should not wait any longer and order this Bald Eagle And The American Flag Shower Curtain.

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buy Licking Cow Oven Mitt

Licking Cow Oven Mitt

Brown cow oven mitt

This cute and useful cow oven mitt will be sure to get some interest happening in your kitchen.

Picture a friendly, big eyed cow, licking his own lips, nose, and face on the front of this oven mitt and you know you are a good cook! The cow oven mitt is 6.5 inches wide by 12 inches long which is large enough to cover the hand while using.

Added benefit is a heat protecting coating that is tested up to 425 degrees F. Exterior of this oven mitt is made of cotton and is filled with a polyester blend quilted interior.

The handy hanging loop will help keep your moo cow protecting mitt close and always on display.

So don’t wait till it’s dinner time just come get your Cow Oven Mitt.

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buy Rhinoceros With A Gun T-Shirt

Rhinoceros With A Gun T-Shirt

Scary rhinoceros with a gun!

This t-shirt will be popular if you are into comfortable, 100% cotton, and dramatic, greenish blue rhino with a black suit.

Available in sizes small thru 3 X large, the black background of the t-shirt is going to show off the character rhino best.

Mr. Rhino himself has his leathery skin and beady eyes and of course a tusk, but don’t be fooled he is wearing a tux.

For sure this is a perfect theme t-shirt for someone who is into tough and we are not just talking about the skin of a rhino!

Get your Rhinoceros With A Gun T-Shirt

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