buy Butterfly Stiletto High Heels

Butterfly Stiletto High Heels

Stiletto Heel Butterfly Sandals

Make an impression where ever you go with these sweet looking butterfly stilettos.

These high heels have a 2 cm platform sole outlined in black and a black 11.5 cm (4.5”) stiletto heel with the top of the heel and back of the heel in a shiny black and white butterfly wing motif.

The black ankle strap, yellow toe insole and yellow toe strap of these shoes are made of the same PU material as the rest of the uppers.

On the back of each of these stilettos, you will find a black and white 3D butterfly poised for flight.

These stiletto heeled shoes come in US women’s sizes 6, 6 .5 – 7, 7 .5, 8 and 8.5 and are perfect for a wedding, cruise, evening wear or party.

Everyone will turn their heads when you wear these Butterfly Stiletto High Heels.

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