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Hippo Cookie Cutter

Hippopotamus Cookie Cutter

You don’t have to be a big game hunter to enjoy delicious hippo cookies! No animals are harmed in the making of this cutter, or the endless cookies that will follow!

Sure, you knew that the elephant was in the fridge, when you saw his footprints in the Jello. And, while you might not be able to get the genie back into the jar, you can make a batch of ‘Potamus cookies, and keep them in a cookie jar on the top shelf, until it is time to eat them with a tall glass of cold milk! Snack time before nap time! That would be one of my 3 wishes anyway!

Made with tin-plated steel, it is easy to clean up, with a bit of soapy water. Fun for Moms, Dads and little ones!

What makes cookie time even more awesome?? (hint, think Hippo..)

Get your hands on your very own Hippopotamus Cookie Cutter.