Magical Unicorn Pillow

Pillow Pets - Magical Unicorn Pillow

Magical…..that is definetly the best word to describe a Unicorn, and that is exactly how this awsome Pillow Pets Unicorn got it’s name.

This is Magical Unicorn an official Pillow Pets product, so you know it is durable and will will last a long time. This Magical Unicorn velcro’s together under it’s tummy to stand and look like a Unicorn, and if you un strap the velcro it will lay out flat turning into a super comfy Unicorn pillow.

This is one of the best gifts for a little one, a bed time companion or a trip companion. This Pillow Pets – Magical Unicorn will be that favorite stuffy that goes everywhere.

Look for your Pillow Pets – Magical Unicorn Pillow.