buy Penguin Fridge Alarm

Penguin Fridge Alarm

Penguin Fridge Alarm. When you open the Fridge this penguin will start talking to you.

Do you leave your fridge open way to long?

If so then this fridge pet will help you.

This is a fridge alarm that looks like a carton of milk and a penguin. Yes I know a penguin that looks like a carton of milk is funny enough but this one even talks to you.

You put he penguin in the fridge and when you open the door it starts talking to you in Japanese. Of course for me that would mean that I don’t know what it says but it does remind me the door is open and it even seem to get louder the longer you leave the door open.

Never forget that fridge door again with this cuteĀ Penguin Fridge Alarm.

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