buy Plush Moose Rug

Plush Moose Rug

Plush Moose Rug for the kids

Kids love to play on the floor or just lei there watch TV or read a book.

But maybe the wooden floor is a big cold for that and that is why there is this moose rug and no this is not a real moose just a big flat plush animal moose.

The moose rug is 23 x 41 inch and great for a kids room or even the living room and if i gets dirty then just put the moose in the washing machine.

This is not a real kids toy but a great way to decorate and be comfortable.

And the moose is just adorable with his tiny tail and head with antlers sticking out from the carpet.

I know that I would love one of theseĀ Plush Moose Rugs.

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