buy Boxer Bathroom Scale

Boxer Bathroom Scale

On a scale of one to ten, boxers are the best! That is why you want a boxer on your bathroom scale! Logic dictates it! And the stunningly gorgeous hues and defined lines on this artful piece will make you so glad you got one.

The quality of life is more than just numbers. For one weighing in on the joie de vivre, human’s best companion, a sweet pup, is a welcome friend to have along to lighten up the ritual of getting on the scale.

This gorgeous bathroom scale has a comforting, full sized image of a boxer’s wide-eyed mug, gazing on in unconditional friendship. He (or she) loves you even when you have a couple to few extra pounds from daily fluctuations!

Dog gone it, it’s about making life more beautiful! Any canine lover would love to have this gorgeous and useful bathroom accessory to make life’s journey more enjoyable and that’s exactly what this lovely dog bathroom scale will do! Treat yourself to the pleasure of this scale.

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buy Cow Print Bathroom Scale

Cow Print Bathroom Scale

If you want to know exactly what you weigh and you like cows then this cow print bathroom scale is just what you need.

The top of the digital bathroom scale has a black and white cow print just like the black and white cows in the fields. Besides the cow print there is a LCD display that will tell you your weight when you go stand on it.

And this cow scale can shows weights in pounds or kilo’s and will turn it self on and off so that it is as easy to use as a old fashion bathroom scale.

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buy Hedgehog Digital Bathroom Scale

Hedgehog Digital Bathroom Scale

Everyone loves little cute Hedgehogs, so why not have him help you meet your fitness goals every morning on this digital bathroom scale.

The graphic on this digital bathroom scale is a real color photograph of a little hedgehog waiting for you each morning. His little nose is so cute and you can see all his little quills to warn off any predators. The colors will fit any bathroom decor.

This digital bathroom scale measures approximately 12 inches long by 12 inches wide by 1 inch tall. It has an easy to read digital display and a tempered glass platform to give it some durability.

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buy Sea Turtle Bathroom Scale

Sea Turtle Bathroom Scale

Now there is a turtle bathroom scale witch can replace that boring white plain scale you have now.

This bathroom scale has the top covered in an image of an sea turtle swimming in the ocean. Beside the turtle you can only see the LCD display that will tell you your weight when you go stand on the turtle.

The turtle scale can display weight in lbs or kg and can show weights up to 397 lbs.

Sure you can go for a boring plane bathroom scale but if you have a turtle theme bathroom then this scale would look right at home.

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