buy Black Kitten Shoes

Black Kitten Shoes

Black Kitten Shoes

Are you a cat lady looking for the perfect pair of flat shoes?

Theses black flats made by Shiekh could be the pair you where waiting for.

The shoes are flat and all made from man made materials and they are vegan friendly.

The black shoes are flat and have a suede kind of feel and on the nose you can see that it has a cats face embroidered on it and it even has little ears.

Yes they are the perfect cat ladies shoes and they come in sizes 5 – 10 and will be a feast to wear to work, school and just casual at home or around town.

If kitten shoes is what you want then you have to come see these Black Cat Women’s Flat Shoes.

buy Womens Cat Knitted Pullover Sweater

Womens Cat Knitted Pullover Sweater

cat sweater.jpg

Cats are soft, cuddly and sweet furry animals that really enjoy to climb on things.

If you have a special love for cats this women’s cat knitted pullover sweater is perfect for you and will keep you warm.

It is a casual long sleeve knitted pullover sweater. Featuring a black and white cat climbing over the shoulders of the sweater hanging half way down the front. On the back it shows the back half of the kitten hanging down the back of the sweater.

You can get this cat sweater in four different colors blue, red, green or white.

This cat pullover sweater will really look great with a pair of leggings.

Stay warm and cozy in this Women’s Knitted Cat Sweater.

buy Cat Face Black Dress

Cat Face Black Dress

Cat Face Black Dress

Black cats are magical, mysterious and mischievous …… Now you can be all of that with this very stylish and sexy cat face black dress.

This is a black dress that features a very fun top portion to it, the top portion is shaped as the head of a cat and has the face of a black cat detailed and printed on. To complete this with style a white bow and mesh top to give this cat face black dress a stand-out unique look.

The cat face black dress is available in sizes small, medium and large, not only is this dress very stylish but it will be super comfortable to wear for many occasions.

Go and check out this Cat Face Black Dress.

buy Black Cat iPad mini Case

Black Cat iPad mini Case

Black Cat iPad mini Case

So you got an iPad mini and if you are just as happy with it as I am then you love that thing like nothing else.

But a piece of electronics like this can of course use a bit or protecting and a bit more of a personal touch.

This case does both.

The case is white and made from a hard plastic that fits snug on your iPad without blocking any of the ports or buttons.
You can even use your smartcover on this iPad mini case.

As you can see the white case has a cute picture of a black cat on it and that makes it more personal then all those iPad’s out there that all look the same.
You can get this cat iPad mini case in a glossy or matt finish and both of course have the cute black cat.

Come and have a closer look at this Black Cat iPad mini Case.

Fishing Cat Clock

Cat fishing on this clock

How about a new fun wall clock?

This clock looks more like a fish bowl with a flat top.

And to make it even better they put a little fish in it and on top you find a black cat trying to catch the fish.

Of course this is the perfect gift for a cat lover that need to read time.

If you like cats and need a new clock then why not get one with a fishing cat on it?

Come check out this Fishing Cat Clock.

Black Cat Earrings

black cat earrings

Special jewelry for cat lovers is not hard to find but to find some special items that will last and look amazing that is a different story.

But we found these nice black cat earrings that are made out light weigth ceramic and are hand painted.

The shinny color of these cat earrrings will catch the light and make them look even more amazing.

Extend your car jewelry collection with these Black Cat Earrings.