buy Raccoon Wall Clock

Raccoon Wall Clock

Now you can have a unique wall clock that bring with it the love of music and animals.
This wall clock is made from a vinyl record and the record is cut to show a scene and in this case it is a raccoon it shows. In the middle of the record you can find the 3 handed clock and below that it says “Raccoon” and above that you can see a raccoon that is look at the clock to figure out if it’s time to eat yet.
This raccoon wall clock will be specially made for you and that makes it real special of course and something you would not find in a store near you so if you like music and raccoons then this could be your only opportunity to find this rare clock.
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buy Rooster Alarm Clock

Rooster Alarm Clock

Do you want an alarm that sounds like a rooster?

You are in luck as this firetruck red alarm clock will do that. It wakes you up with rooster sounds.

The clock looks like a old fashion alarm clock with two bells on top and it’s red and then the clock face is green with a big rooster on it.

This clock is just super cute and being waken by a chicken that is fun to.

This alarm clock sure looks great and will be a great addition to almost any nightstand.

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Fishing Cat Clock

Cat fishing on this clock

How about a new fun wall clock?

This clock looks more like a fish bowl with a flat top.

And to make it even better they put a little fish in it and on top you find a black cat trying to catch the fish.

Of course this is the perfect gift for a cat lover that need to read time.

If you like cats and need a new clock then why not get one with a fishing cat on it?

Come check out this Fishing Cat Clock.

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