buy Child Ridding A Chicken Costume

Child Ridding A Chicken Costume

Now you kids can have fun this Halloween all thanks to this child ridding a chicken costume.

This costume makes it look like your kid is riding a chicken.

The costume is basically a one piece jumpsuit complete with shoe covers so that they only thing you may want is a straw hat to make your child look a bit more like a farmer that is ridding the chicken like normal people do horses.

As it is different people will look and smile when they see a person riding a chicken around the neighborhood this Halloween.

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buy Chicken Stress Toy

Chicken Stress Toy

If you feel like you are all stressed out and would like to hurt an animal to feel better then you just need this chicken stress toy so that you can hurt this animal without a living creature will get hurt.

The stress toy looks like a cute white chicken with red details on the head and yellow paws and a yellow beak.

The chicken is 3.25 x 2.25 x 3.5 inches making it the perfect size for in your hand so that you can really give it a good squeeze.

A stress toy like this would be perfect for at your desk at home and in the office so that it is always ready for a squeeze.

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buy Farm Animals Doormat

Farm Animals Doormat

If you like farm animals and don’t like dirty shoes inside then you need this farm animals doormat.

The doormat is 18 x 30 inches and is made for indoor use or if used outdoors then make sure it is in a covered area as it doesn’t like to get soaking wet.

On the doormat, you can find 3 farm animals and they are stacked on top of each other. On the bottom you find a cow and standing on the cow a pink piggie and to top it all of there is a red chicken.

This doormat is just fun and if you would like a fun doormat then this farm animal one is just what you need.

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buy Nested Chicken Measuring Cups

Nested Chicken Measuring Cups

Now there is a measuring cups set that looks like a chicken and her family.

The set looks like a nesting doll with the outside being a red chicken and inside that a white egg and inside that a yellow baby chicken. And all those 6 pieces are measuring cups so that you can use it for all your baking.

The chicken measuring cup set goes from 1/3 cup all the way to 1 cup and that will make your measuring for baking a lot easier.

Yes this is probably the cutest measuring cup set you can get and chicken are cute to of course.

Get your Nested Chicken Measuring Cups

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buy Bump ‘N Go Egg Laying Chicken Toy

Bump ‘N Go Egg Laying Chicken Toy

This toy chicken is great for kids as it loves to move around make sounds and lay eggs.

Yes this chicken will move around you living room bumping into things and that makes it go elsewhere and while doing that it will lay eggs.

A great toy to teach kids where eggs come from and also great fun for Easter.

Just imagine having a chicken moving around you home laying one of her eggs right in front of you.

A chicken with light and sound that lays eggs that will be just the perfect kids present for Easter morning.

Get your Bump ‘N Go Egg Laying Chicken Toy

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buy Chicken Shaped Egg Basket

Chicken Shaped Egg Basket

If you have chicken that lay eggs or just chocolate eggs for Easter you need the perfect basket to collect them in and display them in and this chicken basket maybe just what you need.

This is a wire basket shaped like a chicken and you can see the eggs inside. And the egg basket has a foldable handle so that it’s perfect for collecting eggs and great with the handles down for having eggs out on the table or kitchen counter.

A wire basket like this is just great fun for Easter or if you have your own chicken for everyday use because you know that fresh eggs from the hen do not need to go in the fridge.

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buy Farm Yoga 2015 Wall Calendar

Farm Yoga 2015 Wall Calendar

Farm Yoga 2015 Wall Calendar

Yoga farm animals? Yes that is exactly what is needed on the farm, after a long day of work nothing is better than some wind down time doing yoga. I think these farm animals will agree.

This is a 2015 wall calendar that that features many animals from the farm doing different yoga poses, find a pig, cat, chicken, cow, dog, goat, llama, horse, sheep and rooster all taking a break from their farm duties and doing yoga.

Each picture is a high quality that uses vibrant colors and really looks amazing.

Spend the entire 2015 year on the farm with the Farm Yoga 2015 Wall Calendar.

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buy Chicken Earrings

Chicken Earrings

The Magic Zoo Pewter Chicken Earrings

Do you change your earrings every time you change your clothes or your mood?

If the answer is yes then you need to add these cute chicken earrings to your jewelry box.

Each dangly chicken earring measures a half inch by a half inch and is crafted by hand from lead-free fine pewter and the fish hook style ear wires are made from surgical steel.

These distinctive earrings are original designs by the artist Merry Rosenfield for The Magic Zoo jewelry and can be worn with casual or dressy outfits.

Look good when you go out wearing these The Magic Zoo Pewter Chicken Earrings.

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buy Yellow Plush Chicken

Yellow Plush Chicken

Yellow Plush Chicken

What a cute way to you say you love someone. Give that special person in your life this adorable plush chick as a birthday present, Easter gift or just because you care.

This soft and fluffy yellow chicken has big black eyes, and beige colored beak and webbed feet, is 8 inches high and is the perfect size for little hands to embrace.

Your little one can snuggle with it in bed or use it as a travel buddy when away from home.

Chickens are the mascots for many cities and sports teams so get this lovable chick and it can be the mascot of your child’s room.

Hurry and buy this Yellow Plush Chicken.

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buy Rooster Alarm Clock

Rooster Alarm Clock

Do you want an alarm that sounds like a rooster?

You are in luck as this firetruck red alarm clock will do that. It wakes you up with rooster sounds.

The clock looks like a old fashion alarm clock with two bells on top and it’s red and then the clock face is green with a big rooster on it.

This clock is just super cute and being waken by a chicken that is fun to.

This alarm clock sure looks great and will be a great addition to almost any nightstand.

Get your Rooster Alarm Clock

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