buy Mallard Duck Doormat

Mallard Duck Doormat

Now there is this Mallard Duck Doormat so that you can wipe your feet.

The doormat is made from coco fiber and has a vinyl backing to keep it all in place when you are wiping your feet. And the doormat is 18 x 30 inches so plenty of big for in front of the door.

On the brown doormat you can see a nice mallard duck image and next to the bird it says “Have a nice day!”.

If you like ducks and want to keep dirt out the house then this doormat is what you should check out as it looks so fun.

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buy Ladybug Doormat

Ladybug Doormat

If you need to wipe your feet and like bugs then you should check out this ladybug doormat.

The doormat is the typical brown natural coir with a vinyl back and on the doormat it shows a big ladybug and next to the cute bug it says “Welcome” so that it is perfect for putting it in front of your door.

Not only is the doormat great for wiping those dirty shoes having it also makes you home look more fun.

The ladybug doormat is 17 x 29 inches making it the perfect size to fit perfect with the size of the door.

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buy Farm Animals Doormat

Farm Animals Doormat

If you like farm animals and don’t like dirty shoes inside then you need this farm animals doormat.

The doormat is 18 x 30 inches and is made for indoor use or if used outdoors then make sure it is in a covered area as it doesn’t like to get soaking wet.

On the doormat, you can find 3 farm animals and they are stacked on top of each other. On the bottom you find a cow and standing on the cow a pink piggie and to top it all of there is a red chicken.

This doormat is just fun and if you would like a fun doormat then this farm animal one is just what you need.

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buy Personalized Dachshund Doormat

Personalized Dachshund Doormat

If dogs and special dachshunds are something you like then this doormat could be perfect for you.

On this doormat you can see a fun background pattern and on that you find a silhouette of a dachshund and in the dog it says your name. Yes this doormat will be personalized with the name you want making it so much cuter in front of your door.

The dog doormat comes in two sizes 18 x 24 or 24 x 36 and is great for indoor and  can be used outdoors to but in that case make sure it is in a covered area.

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buy Frog Shaped Doormat.

Frog Shaped Doormat.

It’s a FROG! What did you think it was. Clearly a ribbiting, hoppy hoppy, jumping big eyed old frog! And it is a doormat to.

He will great your guests at the front door! He will make them LAUGH!  That is his first goal.

He is also there to serve in the manner of a door mat, stomp on this frog, knock the mud off your footwear, he don’t care!  He’s just a big grinning friend that will provide a smile to many.

What’s not to love?  Don’t worry about loosing the fibres that make the texture of this mat so awesome, shedding of this frog mat is limited because it’s coco-fibres are compressed into a non-skid backing.

Get your Frog Shaped Doormat.

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buy Turtle Doormat

Turtle Doormat

Turtle Shaped Doormat

Yes you home needs a doormat to keep the dirt outside and you to make you shoes clean.

If you like turtles then this could be the perfect doormat for you.

The doormat is shaped like a turtle and is made from tuffcor coco bonded to natural rubber and that makes this turtles to look amazing.

The rubber also prevent the turtle doormat from moving to much while you are wiping your feet.

Coco doormats are used for a long time and they also last a long time so this turtle can be part of you home for a long time to.

If you need a doormat then stop looking and just order this Turtle Shaped Doormat.

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buy Zebra Welcome Doormat

Zebra Welcome Doormat

Zebra Welcome Doormat

If you need a nice doormat to keep the dirt out then how about this zebra one.

This doormat is made from natural coir with a vinyl backing and on the front you see the word “Welcome” and a picture of a zebra with colorful stripes instead of the boring black and white print.

And this zebra doormat is great for outdoor and is mold and mildew resistant.

The zebra mat is 29 x 17 inch and weighs 4.5 pounds and that makes it a great size with enough weight to it to keep it in place even with a little breeze.

Give you home a doormat and I hope it will be this Zebra Welcome Doormat.

buy Welcome Friends Horse Doormat

Welcome Friends Horse Doormat

Welcome Friends Horse Doormat

Do you like horses and love having your friends over?

If so this beautiful horse design mat can sit at your door to show your friends that they are welcomed into your home.

Featuring a beautiful picture of multiple horse’s with welcome friends written on the front of the mat.

The size of the horse doormat is 30 inches x 18 inches and made from 100% polyester fiber with PVC backing .

Good for inside or outside your door. Also it will help keep your floor clean when you place it inside your door.

Give a special welcome to the guests that come into your home with this Welcome Friends Horse Door Mat.

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buy Pink Piggy Doormat

Pink Piggy Doormat

Doormats are so handy, they keep out the dirt and prevent your home from getting dirty.

But most doormats are so boring.

If you like pigs then you are in luck as there now is this pig doormat.
The mat is grey and has a picture of a pink pig on it witch makes it cute.

The pig doormat is a durable pvc coil mat making it perfect for indoor and outdoor use.
And when this doormat gets dirty just shake, vacuum or hose it down.

Get your Pink Piggy Doormat

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buy Leopard Print Welcome Doormat

Leopard Print Welcome Doormat

Leopard Print Welcome Doormat

Are you looking for that quality doormat that keeps the dirt out of the house and looks great?

You are in luck as you found the perfect doormat for your home.

This doormat is made from 100% coconut husks and that means it is natural and will last for years even if left outside in the elements because that is where you want a doormat.

This doormat has a leopard print border and a plain middle part that has the word “Welcome” on it so that you can welcome your guest even before they ring the doorbell.

Come and have a closer look at this Leopard Print Doormat.

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