buy Griant Frog Plush

Griant Frog Plush

If you want a fun plush that is pretty big then you have to check out this Giant Frog Plush.

This plush frog is 5 feet tall and that makes them as big as kids and maybe even some adults.

And this is not any plush frog, this frog has learned to wear clothing and you can see he is wearing a red t-shirt and on the shirt it says “I Love You This Much” and it shows a bear with its arm wide open.

This is great present for a special someone in your life that love plush animals and especially frogs.

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buy Green Frog Kitchen Timer

Green Frog Kitchen Timer

Timing things is important and that is why you should order this frog kitchen timer.

The kitchen timer looks round and friendly with the face of a frog on top just like how it would look when the look up from the water.

You can time up to 60 minutes and that is the default for most kitchen timers.

Besides for cooking, you can use it to time other things too, maybe you want to do 10 minutes of jumping jacks then just put it at 10 and start doing your exercises.

A frog timer like this should be part of your kitchen so that you are always ready to time that cake you are baking for your visitors.

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buy Big Eye Frog Money Bank

Big Eye Frog Money Bank

Saving is something we should all do and this big eye frog money bank can help you with that as it loves to hold on to your money for you.

The frog is made from sturdy plastic so that it can survive a kids hand when going around searching for coins to store inside the frog.

The frog has a hole for the money on his back and on the bottom, there is a cover so that you can retrieve the money when it is full.

Piggy banks are great for reaching saving and this piggy looks like a frog but you never know what happens if you kiss the frog.

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buy Green Frog Shower Curtain

Green Frog Shower Curtain

If you want a green theme for your bathroom then maybe add this green frog shower curtain.

The shower curtain shows a big frog sitting on a lily pad with some other plants around it.

Besides the green frog scene, the shower curtain is white.

The frog shower curtain is 69 x 70 inches and made from 100% softened polyester and it has 12 enforced eyelets for your shower hooks.

So now you just need to learn so frog sounds so that you can make them while in the shower and then your whole bathroom experience is ready to go.

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buy Frog On Leaf Tea Infuser

Frog On Leaf Tea Infuser

If you like frogs and tea then check out this frog on leaf tea infuser.

The tea infuser has a tea basket for the loose tea and then on top of that a green frog or his leaf and that part will be floating above the water making it look amazing and it also makes it super easy to remove the tea from your cup.

So now you can enjoy loose leaf tea without having them floating in your water because they will be all contained in this frog tea infuser.

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buy Santa Frog Christmas T-Shirt

Santa Frog Christmas T-Shirt

Why does Santa Claus be a big fat man with a white beard?

This t-shirt shows how it would look if Santa was a cool frog.

The shirt shows frog with a Santa hat and a big red bag full of presents and there is even a present on the floor that he already delivered.

And you can get his funny Christmas t-shirt in many colors and in styles for both men and women that like to wear something different this holiday season.

Just pick your color and a size between Small and 6XL and you are all ready to enjoy the holidays.

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buy Green Frog Toothbrush Holder

Green Frog Toothbrush Holder

This frog toothbrush holder is cute and green and is the perfect way to store your toothbrush in your bathroom.

The toothbrush holder is shaped like the head of a happy looking green frog and it opens in the middle and when you push your toothbrush inside it will close and just gently pull and it comes out.

The frog toothbrush holder is held in place with two suction cups or you can hang it with screws if you would prefer that.

Now you can stop worrying about stuff contaminating your toothbrush as it is enclosed in the frog’s head.

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buy Green Frog USB Flash Drive

Green Frog USB Flash Drive

When you want to file transfer on the go, this beautiful green graphic frog flash drive is just the thing! It comes in different storage sizes to suit your needs and plugs in simple as apple pie to any USB port.

Just swivel open the connection side and pop it into your port, and you are ready to file swap, save or load. And the little amphibian represented on this piece of portable hardware is too adorable for words.

Showcase your personal style with something that is unique, cute and suited for you, and your “on the go” life style! Magic will work every time this item “kisses” your laptop or desktop, and you never have to worry about missing out on data grabs or back ups again!

360 degree swivel protects the device and makes the connection easy on the fly. The top part of the drive attaches easily to a key-chain for simple keeping. Two tone colour available in ten different hues. Add a splash of fun to your data “ponds” and keep it simple and safe on your keychain, in your watch pocket or in your desk drawer!

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buy King Frog Costume

King Frog Costume

King Frog Costume

This Halloween you can be the king!

OK not a real king but the king of the frogs.

This frogs Halloween costume will transform almost anyone into a frog.

This costume includes pants, top, feet and headpiece so that you are all ready to be the leader of the frogs.

And if you are lucky a handsome princess comes buy to kiss you and make you human again.

This one size fits most costume will be perfect with the gold crown on top and a big red bowtie.

Stop looking for a Halloween costume as you found the perfect one for you and it is this King Frog Costume.

buy Frog Pencil Case

Frog Pencil Case

Frog Pencil Case

Sure pens and pencils can spread out all over the place but it’s easier to find them if they live in one place.

And now all these pens and pencils can live in this front pencil case that is just super cute and soft and has plenty of room for all those small things you need at school, work or at home.

This furry frog friend can be with you where ever you go, just put your pens and stuff in it and then put it into you favorite backpack so that it’s always there when writing has to be done.

Come and order your Frog Pencil Case.