buy Cat Tea Mug With Tea Infuser Fish

Cat Tea Mug With Tea Infuser Fish

If you like cats and tea then you should check out this cat tea mug as it look amazing and it has a tea infuser build in that looks like a fish.

The tea mug is made of glass with a base and top made from wheat straw. The top is the  head of the cat with his ears pointy up and the bottom base and handle look like the tail of the cat. Inside the mug you can see a fish that is connected to the top of the mug and that fish is a tea infuser that can hold you tea.

So now it looks like the cat ate the fish and the fish will help you make the tea just the way you like it.

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buy Narwhal Tea Infuser

Narwhal Tea Infuser

If you like tea and unicorns then you should check out this narwhal tea infuser that is just amazing.

The tea infuser is a narwhal made out of blue soft 100% BPA free silicone and it has a big white tusk on the top to make it the perfect unicorn of the sea.

Just put your loose tea in the narwhal and hang it over the edge of your cup and in no time you will have the perfect cup of tea.

No more boring tea eggs and other infusers in your home because this narwhal tea infuser can replace them all.

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buy Fish Tea Infuser

Fish Tea Infuser

If you like fishing and tea then you need this fish tea infuser.

Now you can enjoy the calm of fishing where ever there is a cup with hot water as this tea infuser looks like a big fish and connected to it you find a little fishing rod so put the tea leaves in the infuser and go fishing for tea.

The fish is made from food grade silicone and is perfect for keeping tea leaves out of your tea while still being able to brew you the perfect cup of tea whenever you like one.

So go fishing in the office or at home and the end result is a calmer you with a fresh cup of tea.

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buy Yellow Duck Tea Infuser

Yellow Duck Tea Infuser

If you like ducks and tea then you just need this duck tea infuser.

The duck will float in your hot water and below the duck you find a compartment to put you loose leave tea so that while the duck floats in your cup it actually is brewing some tea for you.

The duck looks like a yellow rubber duckie and that is always fun.

Why get a boring tea egg when you can have a duck making your favorite tea.

And the duck will prevent loose tea ending up in your drink and that is what you expect from a good tea infuser.

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buy Seahorse Tea Infuser

Seahorse Tea Infuser

This Seahorse tea infuser will help you make tea without the loose leave particles in your drink.

The seahorse is available in 3 colors blue, green, and yellow and all 3 are made from silicone and are great for steeping tea.

Just put your loose leave tea inside and hang the seahorse in your cup with it head over the edge so that it is easy to get out without getting your hands wet.

The Seahorse tea infuser is just super cute and that can bring you that one extra smile a day when you make you favorite tea.

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buy Frog On Leaf Tea Infuser

Frog On Leaf Tea Infuser

If you like frogs and tea then check out this frog on leaf tea infuser.

The tea infuser has a tea basket for the loose tea and then on top of that a green frog or his leaf and that part will be floating above the water making it look amazing and it also makes it super easy to remove the tea from your cup.

So now you can enjoy loose leaf tea without having them floating in your water because they will be all contained in this frog tea infuser.

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buy Elephant Tea Infuser Set

Elephant Tea Infuser Set

Now there is an elephant tea infuser to prevent the loose leave tea ending up in your tea.

The tea infuser set includes two elephant tea infusers and those elephants look like true elephants with long trunks that stick out of the water and the elephant body has holes to make the tea.

Just open the bottom and put your tea leaves in the elephant and you are ready to use them as a tea bag and you can keep reusing these cute elephants.

The elephant tea infusers are made from food grade silicone and are BPA free.

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buy Shark Fin Tea Infuser

Shark Fin Tea Infuser

Is it tea time yet? If so then you can brew a fresh cup of tea thanks to this shark fin tea infuser.

This is not the old fashion tea egg but a shark fin with a tea infuser below it so that the fin will float in your drink just like if Jaws would be stuck in your mug.

Loose tea finally became fun thanks to this special shark tea infuser.

And because the triangle shaped shark fin sticks out of the water it becomes really easy to remove the tea when it is done steeping.

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buy Squirrel Tea Infuser

Squirrel Tea Infuser

Now there is a squirrel tea infuser and its great looking and perfect for making tea.

The squirrel is cute and looks just like a normal squirrel with its tail up but when it’s tea time then you put your tea in its tail and turn it down and place it on the edge of you tea mug and in not time at all this little squirrel is done brewing you a nice cup of tea.

The brown squirrel is made from food safe soft silicone rubber.

No more boring tea ball infusers for you because on your cup there you will find a squirrel that makes your tea while looking real funny.

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buy Shark Tea Infuser Set

Shark Tea Infuser Set

Just when you thought it was getting boring to steep your own tea, this pair of BPA free silicone shark tea infusers have arrived and made themselves known! Embrace the thrill of teetotaling with your favourite loose leaf tea selection, with the fun of this pair of 100% food grade teal leaf infusers!

You won’t be able to avoid having a warm smile on your face when you set about preparing your favourite brand of tea, by simply placing enough leaves to meet your personal steeping needs, right into the belly of this sea monster!

You just pop open the tail of the shark (choose the pink or blue one as per your preference), load it up with the loose leaves, and drop it into your hot water as per usual.

Hot water in mug
Tea loaded in adorable Shark

Follow your style. You who art the lover of novel teas, sharks and things that bring about a smile to all. It is too good pass up, and will provide great simple happiness. Well, it is also true that as much as you would love this great pair, your lucky friend or family member would greatly appreciate them as a gift as well!

Comes complete with two infusers in the set – “one fish two fish, pink fish blue fish” (ok technically shark, but that doesn’t rhyme!) 🙂 Cleans easily in the top rack of your dishwasher.

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