buy Giant Elephant Sprinkler

Giant Elephant Sprinkler

Summer will so much more fun all thanks to this Giant Elephant Sprinkler.

This elephant is pretty tall at more than 5 feet and out of his trunk water can come to make kids enjoy the yard and cold water on a hot day.

Just inflate the blue elephant and stake it in the grass and connect you garden hose and you are all ready for a water filled day.

This cute elephant will just look fun in your yard and now the hot summer can start because the elephant will keep you cool and I am sure the kids will have a blast with it.

Get your Giant Elephant Sprinkler

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buy Cute Elephants Face Mask

Cute Elephants Face Mask

Now there is this Cute Elephants Face Mask that you can wear when ever there is the need to wear a mask.

If you like a cute mask to go outside that will work great and is reusable then this one is the one you want and it is available in different sizes too so that both kids and adults can enjoy wearing it.

The mask has an orange background color and on top two elephants that look in love to me and one is even wearing a nice top hat.

It is a really cute mask and so much better looking than those plain single use mask.

Get your Cute Elephants Face Mask

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buy Elephant Pool Float

Elephant Pool Float

Now you are ready for summer all thanks to this Elephant Pool Float.

I am sure you will have lots of fun at the pool or maybe the beach with this inflatable raft.

The raft is gray in color just like a real elephant and it has the head and the tail of an elephant and even the trunk is there and in the middle, you find a big round area where you can sit when floating in the pool.

Anyone that likes summer and water will enjoy playing with this fun float and it is even better if you love elephants.

Get your Elephant Pool Float

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buy Flexible Elephant Shower Head

Flexible Elephant Shower Head

Now there is this super fun Flexible Elephant Shower Head that is great to help your child shower.

Shower heads are often really high and above the head of an adult but that does it make a bit more difficult for the kids to shower and that is why you want to check out this elephant.

Waterpik makes this shower head that looks like an elephant and like a true elephant this one has a trunk to and it is flexible and even to position in different positions so that even small kids can have a powerful shower.

Not only is the elephant shower head really useful for young and old it is also really cute to have in your shower.

Get your Flexible Elephant Shower Head

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buy Elephant Padlock

Elephant Padlock

Now you can get this fun Elephant Padlock.

This is a little lock that is great for locking up things like maybe your locker or your suitcase. Anywhere that you may need a lock this one could be suited for so why go for boring when you can go cute.

This lock is a light blue elephant with pink striped ears and it just looks amazing.

The elephant lock is 1.97 x 1.69 x 1 inch in size so that you know if this lock works for the place you want it.

If you like elephants or know someone that does and you need a lock then this lock is something to consider as it is just super cute.

Get your Elephant Padlock

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buy Elephant Cap

Elephant Cap

Now you can own a cool Elephant Cap.

This cap is made from 100% cotton and adjustable in size and comes in a whole bunch of colors.

On the front of the cap you can see an elephant and this big animals has an Indian style print on it which gives it a nice feel.

So if you like a nice new cap then you should check out this as it will look great on your head as it looks cool and classy.

I wear caps a lot and this elephant would look great on my head too.

Get your Elephant Cap

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buy Ride The Elephant Toy

Ride The Elephant Toy

If you like your child to ride around the home in style then you have to get them this Ride The Elephant Toy.

The elephant toy is made by Radio Flyer and shows a nice big plush elephant that  measures 30.30 X 16 X 24.80 and is made for kids ages 2 – 5.

And this elephant is an electric ride so at a maximum speed of 2mph and it does make elephant sounds and music and all that makes it to almost be a carnival ride.

I am sure kids are going to love riding this elephant around as it is an amazing toy for all the kids that love animals and especially the elephant.

Get your Ride The Elephant Toy

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buy Black Elephant Laptop Cover

Black Elephant Laptop Cover

If you like a nice bag for your computer then have a look at this Black Elephant Laptop Cover.

The laptop sleeve is made from neoprene which is water resistant and a great way to protect your computer.

The elephant laptop sleeve is black and in white it shows the head of an elephants with its ears out and trunk up in the air.

It really looks amazing and it is available in size for laptops 10, 13, and 15 inches.

So now you can show your love for elephants by using the cover and just put your computer inside it and take it to work, school, or home.

Get your Black Elephant Laptop Cover

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buy Bubble Blowing Elephant Shower Curtain

Bubble Blowing Elephant Shower Curtain

Now there is a fun bubble blowing elephant shower curtain.

This elephant shower curtain is 60 x 72 inches and has 12 eyelets for your shower curtain hooks.

On this shower curtain you can see a mainly black and white images of and elephant that seems to be standing in the clouds and the elephant is blowing some big bubbles that have the fun colors you can see in the bubbles you blow.

With the bubbles in the sky and the fun animal doing the bubble blowing it really looks fun and different and that makes this a great addition to your bathroom.

Get your Bubble Blowing Elephant Shower Curtain

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buy Elephant Lines T-Shirt

Elephant Lines T-Shirt

Now there is a cool elephant lines t-shirt that has an amazing animal on it.

The elephant t-shirt is available in styles for men and women and comes in navy blue and black and also comes in many sizes.

On the t-shirt you can see the word “elephant” and from the word big lines go down in different colors and in the lines you can see the silhouette of a big elephant and below it even some grass and all that makes it look really cool.

A cool t-shirt like this is great for anyone that wants a nice shirt especially if you like elephants.

Get your Elephant Lines T-Shirt

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