buy Elephant Driving A Car Poster

Elephant Driving A Car Poster

Elephant life's a beach poster

Your walls need not be bare any longer when you have an inspirational poster to cover those bare spots.

“Life is a beach” is the caption on this poster and the picture is a giant elephant driving a mini car.

The adorable car the elephant is sitting on and sort of driving is baby blue and the elephant is very life like and is having a lot of fun

This elephant driving poster is generously sized at 36 x 24 inches .

A smile will come to your face when you see your elephant driving on the beach poster and remember that sometimes “Life is a beach”.

Decorate your wall with this fun Elephant Life’s A Beach Poster.

Elephant Cookie Cutter

Elephant cookie cutter

Why boring round cookies if they can look like animals?

So just get a fun cookie cutter like this one and bake you own elephant cookies.

Cookies that look like elephants not only look better they even taste better.

This steel cookie cutter will make 5″ elephants cookies.

So time for tea and elephant cookies, order your Elephant Cookie Cutter.

buy Elephant Macbook Pro Sleeve

Elephant Macbook Pro Sleeve

Elephant laptop bag for the Apple Macbook pro

This cute Elephant will protect your Apple Macbook Pro.

A laptop needs protection from harm while traveling and a laptop sleeve is the perfect way to protect you computer.

Rickshaw makes these sleeve from scratch in San Francisco.

This laptop sleeve comes in two versions one for he Macbook Pro 13″ and one for the Macbook Pro 15″. Having a sleeve made specially for your computer means that it will be a perfect fit and that means that it will be protected better.

As you can see on the picture this Macbook sleeve has a cute elephant on it and that is one of the fun things about this sleeve. This is not boring sleeve no this is a sleeve that fits your personality.

And to make this sleeve more personal you can choose the color of the edges and the color of the lining.

With a elephant on each side of this Macbook Pro sleeve you will see this amazing animal every time you use your laptop.

Don’t wait come and order you Elephant Macbook Pro Sleeve.


buy Melissa & Doug Plush Elephant

Melissa & Doug Plush Elephant

Melissa & Doug Plush Elephant

Everybody loves Elephants, how could you not with big floppy ears, friendly faces and an extra arm…called a trunk.

This is another great product from the amazing company Melissa and Doug, a plush Elephant that measures 28.5″L x 20″W x 11.5″H. Made with the finest of details like the tusks, wrinkles and toenails, this plush Elephant is very durable and extremely huggable. Make this Elephant your new bedtime friend or traveling buddy, .

Find your Melissa & Doug Plush Elephant.

Elephant Family Mousepad

Elephant Family mousepad

This mousepad is super cute.

It has a cartoon style family of elephants on it.

Mommy, Daddy and baby elephant are all there enjoying the day.

And these elephants are printed on a mousepad and that means that you can enjoy the view of these elephants the whole day long and they will make you smile everytime you look at them.

Of course this is a quality mousepad that will last a long time and the not slip back makes it stay in place.

If you like this mousepad then you just have to come see it up close, come look at this Elephant Family Mousepad.

Anamalz Toy Elephant

Wooden elephant toy by Anamalz

Your kids deserve a toy that is not bad for them. Most toys are made from plastics that in general are not real good for you kids and the environment.

The people from Anamalz try to do it different.

This toys elephant is made of organic maple and natural fibbers with smooth likes and interesting textures to keep your kids engaged with there toy.

And of course this elephant is so much fun to play with his funny look makes him the perfect pet for your animal farm.

Read what others say about this Anamalz Toy Elephant.

Elephant Mighty Wallet

Elephant wanting to be a cowboy wallet

This little elephant wants to become a cowboy and that is why this wallet is called “Be wary of Elephants that try to be Cowboys”.

Ingrid Mourreau designed this the graphics for this elephant wallet.

And this is not just a pretty wallet with and elephant no this is a Mighty Wallet.

This wallet is extremly strong, light, waterproof and has amazing room to store your belongings.

There are two compartments for bills and two for cards (witch can hold multiple cards) and a big tube like compartment going over the whole lenghth of the wallet and that can hold old kind of things maybe business cards or a drawing.

Mighty Wallets are made out of 25% recycled material and the wallet can be recycled 100% so this wallet is even good for the environment.

If you want an elephant wallet that is amazing and looks super then come see the Elephant Mighty Wallet.

Elephant In The Sunset Poster

Elephant in the sunset poster

How to you make you home feel a little bit like Africa?

Simple just decorate it with things like this poster.

On this poster you see an amazing sunset and the shapes that are there when the sun disappears. You can see a tree with a bird landing on it and you can see an elephant.

This poster will make you room look amazing almost like you looking out off the window and seeing the elephant eating leaves from the tree.

Don’t wait till the elephant passes, just order this Elephant Poster.

Elephants In The Wild Checks

Elephants…..┬áthe largest living land mammal such an awsome and powerful creature it is hard not stare at them in Awwww.

The Elephant never forgets, that is why you should trust your checks with an Elephant, these amazing personal checks have four different designs of Elephants in the wild. With awsome detail and profesional quality if you love Elephants than you definetly need to get these Elephants in the Wild checks.

Get your Elephants In The Wild Checks.