Elephant Mighty Wallet

Elephant wanting to be a cowboy wallet

This little elephant wants to become a cowboy and that is why this wallet is called “Be wary of Elephants that try to be Cowboys”.

Ingrid Mourreau designed this the graphics for this elephant wallet.

And this is not just a pretty wallet with and elephant no this is a Mighty Wallet.

This wallet is extremly strong, light, waterproof and has amazing room to store your belongings.

There are two compartments for bills and two for cards (witch can hold multiple cards) and a big tube like compartment going over the whole lenghth of the wallet and that can hold old kind of things maybe business cards or a drawing.

Mighty Wallets are made out of 25% recycled material and the wallet can be recycled 100% so this wallet is even good for the environment.

If you want an elephant wallet that is amazing and looks super then come see the Elephant Mighty Wallet.

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