buy Yellow Duck Tea Infuser

Yellow Duck Tea Infuser

If you like ducks and tea then you just need this duck tea infuser.

The duck will float in your hot water and below the duck you find a compartment to put you loose leave tea so that while the duck floats in your cup it actually is brewing some tea for you.

The duck looks like a yellow rubber duckie and that is always fun.

Why get a boring tea egg when you can have a duck making your favorite tea.

And the duck will prevent loose tea ending up in your drink and that is what you expect from a good tea infuser.

Get your Yellow Duck Tea Infuser

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buy Rubber Ducky Ice Cube Tray

Rubber Ducky Ice Cube Tray

Ice cubes are great and rubber ducky’s are to so why not combine them?

And that is what they did so now you can make rubber duck ice cubes with this rubber ducky ice cube tray.

The tray will house 8 ducks so that you have ice cubes for a couple of drinks or as fun decorating pieces.

And you can make this duck mold also for making chocolates and rubber ducky chocolates sounds great especially if they don’t taste like rubber but like yummy chocolate.

Start planning your party because now you have a mold for chocolates and ice cubes.

Get your Rubber Ducky Ice Cube Tray

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buy Rubber Duck Wrapping Paper

Rubber Duck Wrapping Paper

Rubber ducks make for perfect wrapping paper and that is why  they made this gift wrapping paper that is blue with yellow ducks.

Kids and adults will love presents that have rubber duckies on them.

And this gift wrap is 30 inch wide and come in lengths from 6 up to 60 feet so that you only get what your really need to wrap those presents.

Besides great for presents you can also use these ducks for decorating other things like maybe line a baby clothes drawer or decorate a book.

Cute yellow ducks in a row are just something your really want and probably need.

Get your Rubber Duck Wrapping Paper

buy Yellow Duck Shower Cap

Yellow Duck Shower Cap

Yellow Rubber Duck Shower Cap

If you use shower caps then you all know about how boring they are.

But if you like ducks specially like those yellow rubber once that float in the tub then you are gone love this shower cap.

This shower cap is yellow and has two black eyes and a duck’s back on it and that means when you wear it then you head will look like a rubber duck and that of course is perfect for when you take a shower.

Great for kids and adults, you never have to worry about wet hair again as this duck shower cap will make sure your head stays dry.

Come and take a closer look at this super cute Yellow Duck Shower Cap.

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buy Rubber Duck Phone Case For iPhone and Samsung Phones

Rubber Duck Phone Case For iPhone and Samsung Phones

Rubber Duck Phone Case For iPhone and Samsung Phones

So you like yellow rubber ducks and yes I know they are cute.

Now you can make your phone like one of those ducks with this phone cover.

The cover will cover Apple and Samsung phones and make them nice and yellow with the face of the rubber duck on the back.

You can get this rubber duck phone case for the following devices:

  • iPhone 6 plus
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 4
  • Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Samsung Galaxy S3

So if you have one of these phones then now you can get them protected by this fun looking Rubber Duck Phone Case For iPhone and Samsung Phones.

buy Rubber Duck iPhone 5s Case

Rubber Duck iPhone 5s Case

Rubber Duck iPhone 5s Case


Do you like rubber ducks?

If you do then you want to check out this iPhone 5s case.

The case comes in a range of colors and on top of that there will be a yellow duck an the case is not flat so the duck really sticks out.

A fun iPhone case like this will not only be fun but also protect your device from harm.

This rubber ducky iPhone case fits both the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5. And like any good case this case keeps ports and buttons still available for your use.

Get ready for a fun iPhone case and order you own Rubber Ducky iPhone 5s Case.

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buy Rubber Duck Shower Curtain

Rubber Duck Shower Curtain

Rubbe ducks shower curtain

We all like those cute yellow rubber ducks that you see all over but mainly in the bathroom.

If you want to dress up your bathroom a little bit more with ducks then this shower curtain could be the right thing to get.

This shower curtain if full of yellow rubber ducks. And what would be more fun than getting the duckies happy by getting the shower curtain wet and the floor dry.

Time to redecorate your bathroom with this Rubber Ducks Shower Curtain.

Rubber Ducks Bumper Sticker

rubber ducks sticker for the car

3 little ducks in a row on a bumper sticker.

These rubber ducks love to go for a drive and while being on your car they will make people smile.

The sticker is 11 x 3 inch and shows these cute rubber ducks.

Of course it’s a sticker for outside so it won’t fade.

And yes this sticker can be used for all kind of purposes maybe you just want it on your bathroom door.

Time to get the ducks lined up with this Rubber Ducks Sticker.