buy Dachshund Ice Cube Tray

Dachshund Ice Cube Tray

Dog lovers that need ice can now make some with this Dachshund Ice Cube Tray.

The ice cube tray is not just for making ice as it is also great for in the oven as it can go up to 464F so that you can use it to make cakes or maybe chocolates with it too.

The tray has 9 dachshunds in it so that you can make 9 cute dog ice cubes or foods.

So now you can stop buying ice in store because you can make it yourself and these cubes are so much more fun then the simple cubes we normally get.

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buy Rubber Ducky Ice Cube Tray

Rubber Ducky Ice Cube Tray

Ice cubes are great and rubber ducky’s are to so why not combine them?

And that is what they did so now you can make rubber duck ice cubes with this rubber ducky ice cube tray.

The tray will house 8 ducks so that you have ice cubes for a couple of drinks or as fun decorating pieces.

And you can make this duck mold also for making chocolates and rubber ducky chocolates sounds great especially if they don’t taste like rubber but like yummy chocolate.

Start planning your party because now you have a mold for chocolates and ice cubes.

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buy Shark Fin Ice Cube Tray

Shark Fin Ice Cube Tray

Now your drink can be cold and cool thanks to shark fin ice cubes made with this ice cube tray.

The ice cube tray will produce 5 ice cubes at a time and they have a fun on top that should be floating in a glass fin up.

Shark fin soup is something really bad as it has to kill a shark but these ice cubes only look like a real shark fin.

Just have a fun Shark Week party or any other occasion that deserves ice cubes and this tray will make the coolest ice cubes you ever seen.

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Penguin Ice Cube Tray

Penguin ice cube tray

All the rage and so many uses!!

This Penguin Ice Cube tray is great for more than just ice!

Freeze popsicles, and juice pops, use it as a mold for plasticene or playdough, use it as a mini ice cream mold or frozen yogurt mold!!

The penguin tray intself is made from rubber and is totally flexible and pliable. It is best hand washed and is not microwave or oven safe. This Penguin ice cube tray is 8.7 X 4.3 X .9 inches and weighs 8 ounces and makes 12 frozen penguins in one go.

The Penguine shapes will be a ‘cool’ reminder whether floating in an adult beverage or used in a kiddy treat.

Get ready to make these penguins swim in your drink.
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