buy Hedgehog Kitchen Timer

Hedgehog Kitchen Timer

If you like to time your cooking and you like hedgehog then you should check out this hedgehog kitchen timer.

The kitchen time is round and fat at the bottom and a dome above it and that some looks like a cute hedgehog with everything you expect from one.

You can set this kitchen timer between 1 and 60 minutes making it perfect for timing your cooking and that means things don’t have to burn anymore.

And you can use the hedgehog timer to time other things too like if you like to brush your teeth for 5 minutes just put the hedgehog at the job and it will let you know when you can stop brushing.

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buy Green Frog Kitchen Timer

Green Frog Kitchen Timer

Timing things is important and that is why you should order this frog kitchen timer.

The kitchen timer looks round and friendly with the face of a frog on top just like how it would look when the look up from the water.

You can time up to 60 minutes and that is the default for most kitchen timers.

Besides for cooking, you can use it to time other things too, maybe you want to do 10 minutes of jumping jacks then just put it at 10 and start doing your exercises.

A frog timer like this should be part of your kitchen so that you are always ready to time that cake you are baking for your visitors.

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buy Mouse Kitchen Timer

Mouse Kitchen Timer

If you like to bake then you want this mouse kitchen timer.

No more boring kitchen timers for you because now you can have a timer for your cooking that looks like a cute mouse.

The base of the kitchen timer is dark grey with the number on it and the top looks like the face of a mouse complete with big ears and a cute little nose.

An animal kitchen timer like this is just way more fun than a plain boring one and if you like mice then this really is the one to look at.

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buy Pig Kitchen Timer

Pig Kitchen Timer

Pink Piggy Kitchen Timer

Is it time for this pork shops yet?

Maybe you can cook them using this pig cooking timer.

The kitchen timer look like the perfect pink pig complete with a fun snout and eyes and even some ears.

And this kitchen timer can time you cooking for up to 60 minutes so that you can use it for almost all you cooking.

Having this cute pig time you cooking looks way more fun on the kitchen counter then a boring time or a phone.

I think it is time to get a pig in your kitchen and I hope it will be this Pink Pig Kitchen Timer.

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buy Ladybug Kitchen Timer

Ladybug Kitchen Timer

Ladybug Kitchen Timer

Cooking often need some precise timing and for that a kitchen timer is perfect.

And now there is a ladybug kitchen timer that not only looks good but works just like any good kitchen timer.

The Kitchen timer is round and the top looks like a ladybug with the red wings with black spots and even a cute face.

Why get a boring plain timer when you can get something fun as this lady but one.

And this kitchen timer can be set between 0 and 60 minutes so that those cookies don’t get burned.

Don’t wait just order your own cute Lady Bug Kitchen Timer.

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buy Owl Kitchen Timer

Owl Kitchen Timer

Owl Kitchen Timer

Do you need to be reminded when some of your cooking is ready?

This kitchen timer can help you. And because we you like owls this one is even more perfect for you.

This timer is shaped like an owl and it looks at you as it would say ok tell me when to ring.

You will not know what color the owl will come in when you order one as it is randomly selected when it is send out to you.

And this little own can be set to times from 1 to 60 minutes to make a lot of cookie experiments possible.

Get a bird for your kitchen and let it be this Owl Kitchen Timer.

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