buy Cute Mouse Bookmark

Cute Mouse Bookmark

If you need an adorable bookmark then you have to check out this Cute Mouse Bookmark.

The bookmark is a little mouse that sits on top of your book while marking your pages and this mouse is wearing a sweater and reading a book.

And as not all mice are the same you can choose the color of the mouse and even the color of his sweater.

If you like reading as much as the cute mouse then you have to get this bookmark and it does make for a great present too for anyone that owns books and is not afraid of mice.

Get your Cute Mouse Bookmark

buy Mouse Kitchen Timer

Mouse Kitchen Timer

If you like to bake then you want this mouse kitchen timer.

No more boring kitchen timers for you because now you can have a timer for your cooking that looks like a cute mouse.

The base of the kitchen timer is dark grey with the number on it and the top looks like the face of a mouse complete with big ears and a cute little nose.

An animal kitchen timer like this is just way more fun than a plain boring one and if you like mice then this really is the one to look at.

Get your Mouse Kitchen Timer

buy Mouse Coffee Mug

Mouse Coffee Mug

Cute Mouse Coffee Mug

Some people are afraid of mice and other think they are cute.

If like a mouse or two then this is the coffee mug for you. This mug is white and on both sides you can see a drawing on a mouse and this little mouse looks so cute.

Just imagine drinking your morning coffee from this mug that is dishwasher and microwave safe.

And are you coworkers always stealing your mug at work? Maybe getting one with mice on it will keep them away specially if they are afraid of these crawling creatures.

Lets not waist any more time and just get this Cute Mouse Coffee Mug.

buy Mouse Handbag

Mouse Handbag

Mouse shoulder bag

This cute shoulder bag will be something all your friends are gone want but just don’t tell them where you found it.

This woven handbag looks like a super cute mouse.

I always think mice are cute even though the most times are a pest. But this time you have to agree this mouse bag is just super cute.

The bag is 12 – 19 cm wide and 15 cm high and comes with an 130 cm adjustable strap.

A cute bag like this is easy to match as the colors go with almost anything. And the cute mouse face on the bag just makes you want to take it everywhere.

Time to shop for you new shoulder bag, come get your Mouse Handbag.

buy Mice Wrapping Paper

Mice Wrapping Paper

Mice Wrapping Paper 

Are you looking for a wrapping paper that is bright and unique? This adorable mice covered paper is just right!

This wrapping paper has cute little white and grey mice scampering on a brightly colored yellow orange background that is shaded to look like real Swiss cheese.

Each heavy-duty (60 lb.) two-foot roll comes in shiny or matt finish and you can purchase it in 6, 15 or 30 foot lengths. It is 100 % recyclable and can be used to wrap presents for any occasion as well as for arts and crafts, scrap booking or even to cover the party table.

Add some fun to your next party and get this Mice Wrapping Paper.

Mouse Address Labels

Address labels are so handy to have, you can mark your belongings just in case you loose them. Or use them to adress your mail.

But why get a simple label with just your name and address when you can have something fun with a little mouse on it.

This address label has room for 4 lines of information and next to your info you will see the little mouse.

The labels measure 2.625 x .875 unch and has rounded corners.

If you want to make your life easier then order your Mouse Address Labels.

Mouse With Cheese Journal

mouse with cheese journal

Most journals are kind of boring these days but there is no need for that.

Look at this journal it has a fun looking mouse on it resing on a piece of cheese.

This ring bound journal has 160 pages and is availible in 4 different versions:

  • Blank
  • dot grid
  • lines
  • task journal

this way you can get the journal that fits your needs and still looks fun.

If you like mice then you just have to come see this Mouse With Cheese Journal.