buy Cute Mouse Bookmark

Cute Mouse Bookmark

If you need an adorable bookmark then you have to check out thisĀ Cute Mouse Bookmark.

The bookmark is a little mouse that sits on top of your book while marking your pages and this mouse is wearing a sweater and reading a book.

And as not all mice are the same you can choose the color of the mouse and even the color of his sweater.

If you like reading as much as the cute mouse then you have to get this bookmark and it does make for a great present too for anyone that owns books and is not afraid of mice.

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buy Hang Out And Read Sloth Bookmark

Hang Out And Read Sloth Bookmark

This sloth bookmark is perfect for people that love cute animals and who like to read.

On the book mark you can see a baby sloth looking really happy and just it’s just holding on to some pipes. Around the sloth it says “Hang Out And Read” because why would you not want to hang around.

The sloth bookmark also has a tassel with bead so that you can easily find the page you marked in your favorite book.

The bookmark is 2 1/2 x 7 1/8 inch and just great for readying at home, school or at work and for sure people are going to notice this adorable sloth on your bookmark.

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buy Owl Bookmark

Owl Bookmark

Owl Bookmark

Owls are wise that is a know fact and now I know why they are so wise.

This owl is a bookmark and that means it will keep your place in your book for you but while it is there it will also read the book and become extra smart.

This owl bookmark looks like an owl sitting on a branch.

The plastic bookmark will fold around the top of a page so that it’s easy to find and secure so that you never have to loose you position again.

And this owl bookmark comes in a set of two in assorted colors so you can read two books at the same time.

Come and check out thisĀ Owl Bookmark.

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