buy Toddler Bee T-Shirt

Toddler Bee T-Shirt

Kids t-shirt with a bee

How cute could your toddler look in this t-shirt with a baby bee on the front?

Made of 100 % cotton this t-shirt is available in powder blue, soft pink, yellow and white.

The picture of a happy juvenile bee is standing upright with his little black feet firmly planted and his bright yellow and black body in a sassy pose.

Available in sizes 2T, 3T and 4T , hand wash and hang to dry this garment to retain the shape and size.

The bee t-shirt for toddlers will prove to be comfy , cute and no doubt a endearing conversation piece.

Dress your little one in this cute Bee Toddler T-Shirt.

buy Bumblebee Luggage Tag

Bumblebee Luggage Tag

Bumblebee luggage tag

This essential for travel, a luggage tag that will not go unnoticed.

This bright yellow and black bee is perfect for a luggage identification .

Made of quality durable material that is well stitched to avoid wear and tear with all the traveling these little bees will be doing.

Comes with a handy buckle to make putting on and taking off easier that ever.

Be sure you have all your luggage marked with similar identification , as they come down the ramp, the bee luggage tag will be spotted immediately.

Mark you belongings for school or travel with this Bee Luggage Tag.

Bumblebee Cookie Jar

Bumble Bee Cookie Jar

A Bumblebee has never been so cute, this Bumblebee is not going to make you honey but it will hold your favorite cookies.

With awsome attention to detail there is balck wire wings and antenna also it is hand painted with care and detail, black and yellow colors of a Bumblebee stripe this cookie jar.

Made from ceramic this is a durable high quality cookie jar and measures 9″W X 7 1/2″H with a 4″ opening.

Get your Bumblebee Cookie Jar.