buy Kangaroo Ceiling Fan Pull

Kangaroo Ceiling Fan Pull

Ceiling fans often have those really boring pull strings but if you like a kangaroo then that can be a thing of the past.

This kangaroo ceiling fan pull has a 6 inch gold plated chain with connector and on the end of that you can find a 2 inch kangaroo that is not flat but in 3D and look really like a tiny animal.

Now you just have to pull the kangaroo to make you fan start or stop witch of course is so much more fun then the boring cord you have now.

Bring this kangaroo in your home and I am sure you smile every time you see it dangle there.

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buy Goat Ceiling Fan Pull

Goat Ceiling Fan Pull

Baby Goat Ceiling Fan Pull

Why have a ceiling fan with a boring pull cord when you can have one with a cute animal on it.

This ceiling fan pull has a goat on it.

The pull knob is made from white ceramic with on two sides a picture of a baby goat. If goats are your thing then a ceiling fan pull like this would be perfect for you home.

The ceramic pull is 1 1/2 inch and the chain is 6 inch so that soon you can easily get that fan spinning with the help of a goat.

Come check out this Baby Goat Ceiling Fan Pull.

buy Galloping Horse Ceiling Fan Pull

Galloping Horse Ceiling Fan Pull

Brown Galloping Horse Ceiling Fan Pull

If western horses are your thing then you need to have a look at this ceiling fan pull.

On this ceiling fan pull you can find a brown handprinted horse that seems to be galloping around and you have to admit that this horse looks a whole lot better then the default pull on your ceiling fan.

Any ceiling fan can use a nice horse to hang below it both kids and adults will love this animal to be there to be pulled when they want a fresh breeze.

i would say don’t wait till it gets to hot just come and get your Horse Ceiling Fan Pull.

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buy Zebra Ceiling Fan Pull

Zebra Ceiling Fan Pull

Zebra Ceiling Fan Pull

Why have a ceiling fan with a boring wire on it when you can have a cute animal as ceiling fan pull.

This ceiling fan pul is a 3D zebra made from resin. The zebra comes with a gold plated chain witch is easy to attach so that soon you ceiling fan can have a zebra hanging below it.

Just imagine this zebra in your zebra themed room it would be so much better then the default ceiling fan chain that comes with the fan.

Kids and adults both will love this zebra that is about 2 inch on their fan.

Come and check out this Zebra Ceiling Fan Pull.