buy Sharknado Shark Christmas Ornament

Sharknado Shark Christmas Ornament

Sharknado Shark Christmas Ornament

If you watched the Sharknado movies then you know that sharks can fly and that is probably how this ornament could end up in your Christmas tree.

This is a nice looking shark ornament that shows a shark that has his eyes at you and shows his white teeth. Besides looking like a big shark he also has the logo of Sharknado on it.

Just imagine having a shark in your Christmas tree that will be strange but also fun and different.

The shark ornament is 4 1/2 inch long and  just looks like an amazing looking shark.

Get ready to see flying sharks with this Sharknado Shark Christmas Ornament.

buy Galloping Horses Christmas Stocking

Galloping Horses Christmas Stocking

Galloping Horses Christmas Stocking

A Christmas stocking makes it really easy for Santa to deliver the presents.

And a simple red or green stocking does the trick but you can make it even easier for Santa by getting a more personal Christmas stocking.

If you like horses then check out this Christmas stocking that shows some branches and two galloping horses. It’s a real nice light colored stocking that surely will grab Santa’s attention.

You can get this Christmas stocking in different sizes and even different fabrics to make this horse stocking just perfect for you.

Get ready for Christmas with this Galloping Horses Christmas Stocking.

buy Dachshund Christmas Stocking

Dachshund Christmas Stocking

Dachshund Christmas Stocking

Do you have a dachshund that deserves Christmas presents to or do you really want a dachshund Christmas stocking for yourself.

Either way this is the solution as this Christmas stocking has a dachshund on it and some Christmas decorations and even the dog is a bit decorated to with a sweater and hat.

This Christmas stocking comes in a range of sizes and style so that you can get the perfect stocking for your home.

And yes the front of the stocking is green with all the cool graphics but the back is red and just plain but even there are options for that as well. You could choose to have the same amazing dachshund on back.

Come take a closer look at this cute Dachshund Christmas Stocking.

buy Border Collie Christmas Ornament

Border Collie Christmas Ornament

Border Collie Christmas Tree Ornament

This tree ornament looks just like a border collie and this dog loves presents to as it is holding a Christmas stocking in his mouth.

A tree ornament like this is just specially and nice specially if you love your border collies.

This handcrafted resin dog ornament comes in a special gift box to make it the perfect Christmas present and for easy storage after the holidays.

And this boxer collie is 1.5 x 3 x 3.25 inch in dimensions making it the perfect size for your Christmas tree.

Ornaments are special and if your tree holds memories that are dear to you then you Christmas will be even better.

Come take a closer look at this Border Collie Christmas Ornament.

buy Beagle Wool Christmas Ornament

Beagle Wool Christmas Ornament

Beagle Wool Christmas Ornament

This Christmas ornament is specially made for people that like dogs and maybe specially those who like beagles as this ornament looks like a beagle.

This tree ornament is made from recycled wool and is handmade and that all did not make it more expensive then a plastic ornament.

As you can see above the dog looks like a beagle with the right colors and the floppy ears.

If you have an ornament for your kids in the tree then why not one for the dog as he is part of the family to.

Get ready to decorate the tree and find a special spot for this Beagle Christmas Ornament.

buy Panda Christmas Ornament

Panda Christmas Ornament

Panda bear christmas ornament

A panda bear Christmas ornament is perfect for yourself, your tree, anyone on your gift list.

This delicate, mouth-blown figure of a panda is hand painted, and glazed for a beautiful shine.

The upright sitting panda has a branch of some tasty bamboo in his mouth, the ornament has been finished off with glitter and attention to details on the cute little face.

Finished product is 3.5 inches tall , perfect for gifting, keeping, and mostly showing off wherever and whenever you like to display an exquisite panda ornament, not just for Christmas time!

Get ready to decorate with this Panda Christmas Ornament.