buy Butterfly Wind Chime Art Project

Butterfly Wind Chime Art Project

Give the gift of transforming your kids’ crafty actions and imagination into a beautifully functional butterfly wind chime! This beautiful “Creativity for Kids” butterfly wind chime set will have everyone feeling transformed, with simple to follow instructions!

Great for birthdays, surprises, group activities for daycares or camp crafts! The one time it’s great to “bug” someone, in the sweetest of ways!

Ships complete with acetate wings, metal chimes, glue, card stock body, paint and the included gel cord allowing it to hang and be musically operationally immediately following assembly!

When the young ones get in touch with their inborn abilities they will metamorphosized into self-assured artists. And this wind chime will leave a lasting and beautiful token of their accomplishments. No more hungry caterpillar! Finished size is 9.5″ x 4.75″ and is great for ages 6 – 96.

Take flight like the prettiest critter ever to float on gossamer wings, and provide the lasting joy of orchestrating the creative development of a young one with a guaranteed to stun outcome! Music to your ears!

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buy Whimsical Birds Craft Ornaments

Whimsical Birds Craft Ornaments

Whimsical Birds Ornaments

With the holidays just around the corner make sure you get some christmas tree ornaments that will mean something special to you.

A good way to do this is make your own ornaments, featured here is a set of whimsical bird ornaments that have a very fun and unique look.

Using nice soft pastel colors like red, light green and light blues each bird will be unique with different body colors and wings, a fun added edition to each bird is a fun holiday hat or scarf.

All the pieces are pre-cut felt and are really easy to attach using the cotton thread to stitch the pre-cut holes, very fun and really relaxing way to make your own ornaments.

Have some fun with the create your own Whimsical Birds Craft Ornaments.

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